How Physical Exercise Benefits Mental Health

How Physical Exercise Benefits Mental Health

How Physical Exercise Benefits Mental Health 

Not only does physical exercise help you enhance the health of your heart, lungs and keep you slim and muscular, but it also benefits your mental health. Scientific research indicates that spending time for physical exercise offers several effective benefits of mental health. Here we have compiled some practical tips on how physical exercise benefits mental health of yours! 

1. Minimise anxiety, depression and stress 

Did you stress out at your workplace? Just hop on the running track or a treadmill in a nearby gym for a fast workout. It can sometimes be tough but it will be worth your time and effort as chemicals such as endorphins are discharged during and following your physical exercise to spark emotions of excitement and happiness. They can greatly assist in lowering your levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Keep doing 30-minute physical exercises a few times a week is a great way to take your overall mood to the next level apart from burning your calories!  

2. Boost Your Creativity and Memory 

Studies show that exercise that strengthens your heart and lungs develops new brain cells which enhance your overall brainpower. Another research paper indicated that sprints helped adults get better at memorizing vocabulary. Besides, it prevents you from losing your memory by boosting the part of your brain in charge of memory and creativity. Doing more physical exercises will help you learn new things better and faster. In other words, more physical exercise (to a proper extent) means more brain development! 

3. Improve Your Sleep 

Physical exercise can actually help you heal your insomnia. It boosts the temperature of your body which can better calm down your thoughts and emotions. In addition, this helps you control when your body feels tired and when it feels alert. Sleep specialists advise that we should not exercise near your sleep time.  

How Physical Exercise Benefits Mental Health

4. Make You More Confident 

Taking physical exercises can make you have a better thought of your physical appearance which will lead to better self confidence and even more positive self-image and self-worth. This happens irrespective of your age, gender or weight. Once you feel more confident about yourself emotionally and physically, you will definitely look more attractive in the eyes of the others. 

5Serve as Great Social Activity 

Researchers indicate that the majority of people who went on a workout with a companion had better performance for their aerobic tests. Participating in sports activities such as a simple run with a buddy, a mini soccer game or a group physical exercise class at the gym can really make you more tolerant to physical pain. You will be able to push harder in a sweat workout if you have a mate to do it alongside you. 


When it comes to ways physical exercise improves your mental health, it can be a challenge to get on a sweat workout session for starters. Such changes in your lifestyle may not always be easy in the initial period but it can be an inspiration to understand what you can do. Even just a small amount can be a great contribution to minimizing your risk of developing a mental illness and even taking your health and wellbeing to the next level. 

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