manage stress in the workplace

What you can do to manage stress in the workplace

Stress stems from a number of reasons including too much workload, impractical deadlines and excessive working hours, let alone bullying and sour relationships with co-workers.  

Since many of us spend around 8 hours or in other words a third of our daily time in the workplace, knowing how stress at work impacts our health and wellbeing is important. Research indicates that stress in the workplace can result in a mental illness. So that is why we have put together some practical tips on how to manage workplace stress levels so you can have a happier and healthier work life. 

Develop two personas 

The disconnected aspect of your personality plays a key role in managing levels of stress. Some studies advise to create a character in the workplace and develop another calmer one when you are not at the office in order to help.  

Just focus on your pay, not the others’ salaries 

Stress can happen from financial compensation like annual bonuses and monthly salaries. Keep in mind you need to work hard and put effort in before explaining what your contributions are to your boss. Stay focused on what you are happy with and ensure you are getting your fair share and that it fits in with what you have contributed to the company. Otherwise, you can become very miserable, worrying about other people’s numbers on pieces of paper.   

Upgrade your communication skills 

Effective communication is directly related to your ability to read other people’s minds, moods and gestures. You need to practice and enhance your capability to fully understand to which your coworkers’ thoughts are heading. Always be mindful of what strategy to use on which person at which period of time.  

management of stress in the workplace

Practice meditation and exercise 

Exercises such as meditation or yoga can really help you manage your stress if you do it on a regular basis even if you only do it for a short moment per session. If your cortisol level becomes high then you are in a state called hyperactive which means you are unable to calm down and stay cool. You are always trying to run away or go on the attack. The key to deal with this is to do mental exercises like mind control which you can do it by practising yoga or meditation.   

Monitor your signs and symptoms 

It is undeniable that no matter how hard you put effort in managing your stress in the workplace, there is no medicine to make it disappear completely. If you believe you are struggling with anxiety or depression due to stress or any other grounds, just go to your doctor for mental advice. They may recommend you some pills or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  

Solving insomnia, consuming less alcohol and control what you eat on a daily basis can help you avoid getting into an undesirable cycle of stress. 


On the whole, practice makes perfect. Think about implementing some of these tips above and you will be in a better position to manage your stress and eventually keep it to a minimum. By then, your life will never be the same and lead you to good health and wellness both at work and when you are not in the workplace.  

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