Our Story

After years of working in the insurance industry we felt that there was time for change and that the power of choice back in the hands of the customer. i-Brokers was formed with this goal in mind and our journey began!

For expats globally looking online to buy insurance can be difficult. A lack of clear information and an unwillingness from insurers and brokers to share prices without you having to submit your life’s story is first is a situation many can relate to.

We launched with the idea of being a clear and transparent as possible when it comes to you buying insurance. We wanted to ensure that getting a quote could be done easily and quickly and that all product information was available at your fingertips. It was something that we had seen with many other brokers, agents and comparison sites that this type of essential information was simply not available. Some sites wouldn’t show prices without you leaving a hoard or personal information while others listed pricing but very little information about each insurer let alone their terms and conditions!

We were approved as a licensed insurance broker by the Professional Insurance Brokers Association (now the Insurance Authority) in Hong Kong in February 2019 which was the first milestone that we needed pass.

As a licensed and regulated broker our attention turned to partnering with the insurers who we work with today. As one of our goals is to ensure that all of our clients have choice, this meant forming many relationships with lots of different insurers. Some of these involved partnering with some of the world’s largest insurance companies but equally as important it meant putting in place agreements with some more boutique insurance providers who are specialists in their field. Everyone has different needs when it come to insurance and no one provider can give the best solution to everyone.

Working with the widest choice of providers simply means that you can find exactly the right plan for you. This was something that was really important to our us at i-Brokers as now our customers have the benefit of choice.

Today, i-Brokers is a licensed insurance broker, partnering with over 200 insurance providers to help expats get access to better insurance coverage. A game changer, for the better!

We are proud to be a licensed and regulated member of the Insurance Authority and strictly follow their guidelines and rules to ensure that we not only provide the best advice but also advice that is the most up to date and compliant.

We know that your information is important to you, so we keep extra secure levels of security and controls on our site to ensure that your data is protected.

The feedback from our customers has always been something that has been important to us and helps us learn, grow and ensure that we continue to offer an excellent service.