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We are a corporate insurance and global employee benefits specialist, helping to make insurance simple. We love servicing and supporting our clients of all sizes and industries all over the world.

Employee Benefits

Build your employee benefits package with tailored solutions from the world’s leading insurance providers.

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Group Life & Disability

Support your employees with financial care for themselves and their families.

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Corporate Insurance

Identify and manage your risk exposures throughout your business and find the best solutions to minimize them.

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Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance

Comprehensive group health insurance is the foundation of any effective employee benefits package.

Our custom group health insurance solutions for employees feature:

Wellness programs and packages

Wellness plans can feature a wide range of benefits, such as:

Flexible Benefits Plans

The modern workforce of today is progressively diverse which means that the ability to choose from a range of employee benefits is highly desirable. Our corporate team can work with you to design, implement, and manage personalised and flexible benefits solutions, so your team can have the freedom to pick the perks that best fit their wishes.

Group Life and Disability Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Providing the correct group life insurance ensures that no matter what happens to your employees, they will have a financial safety net that they can rely on. Help provide financial security for your staff and their loved ones with comprehensive group life insurance.

Our group life insurance plans feature a vast array of options and add-ons to include coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, as well as critical illness and disabilities. This allows you to create the most optimal group life coverage combination that takes into account your company’s budget and employees’ needs

Short and long-term disability

A significant part of any employee benefits package, disability insurance gives employees protection in the event that they are unable to work due to an injury or even a serious illness. There are two main categories when it comes to disability insurance: Short-term disability insurance, which covers a short disruption in the employee’s capacity to work. Long-term disability insurance is intended to pay out for an extended period in circumstances where employees suffer an illness/injury requiring care for a longer period.

Our corporate insurance solutions

Group travel and accident insurance

Accidents can occur at any time, both inside and outside of work. Our group travel and accident policies can be custom-made to include enhanced benefits for travel and accident-related misfortunes globally.

Property Insurance

Your business and its assets are vital to enable your staff to deliver the services your clients need. With property insurance from i-Brokers, you can safeguard your business’ buildings and the contents within them against unpredicted damage.

Director and officers' liability insurance

As a Director or Officer of a company it can leave you vulnerable to potential allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct. Director and Officers’ liability protects Directors and Officers against claims which may arise in the course of doing their obligations for the company.

For all companies, it only takes a single injury to interrupt your entire business and its ability to operate. Worker’s compensation and employer’s liability insurance offers protection to employers who may be held financially or legally liable for bodily injury, illness.

Cyber Insurance

Companies of all sizes can be affected by a wide range of cyber threats. To protect your business from potential cyber-related losses, it is important to have cyber insurance protection in place with benefits for extortion, forensics, and notification costs to clients following a breach.

Professional indemnity insurance

No matter how long your company has been operational for, errors can still happen during the course of daily business. The correct professional indemnity insurance will guard your business against claims from clients arising from failure of the employee to carry out their tasks adequately.

Public liability insurance

Incidents which could result in a public liability claim against your business can be wide ranging. We can help you identify and secure a public liability insurance plan that provides wide-ranging protection against liability claims.

Business interruption insurance

Unforeseen adversities and accidents can lead to a big loss of income for businesses, among other inconveniences. Protect your company with a business interruption plan that offers protection against financial loss caused by unexpected events.

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