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At i-Brokers we are passionate about insurance. This means finding our customers the best plans at the best prices in the quickest and easiest way.

We have amazing discounts and use our online quote engine to allow you to receive instant comparisons of benefits and prices from the widest range of leading insurers anywhere.

i-Brokers is home to the most comprehensive choice of medical insurance, life insurance and travel insurance policies available which means more choice and more power to our customers.

By putting the insurance market at your fingertips means you can compare the market in seconds and apply for cover effortlessly.

We are 100% free to use, quick and easy and completely impartial and independent.

How It Works

i-Brokers are passionate about insurance and finding the best possible prices for our customers. We do this by working closely with insurance companies across the world to


Tell us what you are looking for so we can find the right plan for you. We know everyone is different and each person has their own specific needs, enter your details and tell us about your requirements.


Tell us what you are looking for so we can find the right plan for you. We know everyone is different and each person has their own specific needs, enter your details and tell us about your requirements.


Apply online securely and safely. We can get your cover started in moments by entering a few details online.


82% of customers save money on premiums when comparing insurance with i-Brokers. Can you afford not to?


Keep updated on news in the insurance industry around the world

i-Brokers launches travel insurance comparison for expats

We at i-Brokers want you to get the best policy for wherever you choose to go. Whether you want to backpack around Australia, ski in the Alps or simply lay on a beach with a palm tree for shade, we can offer an insurance package to meet your needs. We protect travelers’ worldwide helping them compare plans and passing on huge savings with our simple to use quote engine. We’re the helping hand you can rely on. So don’t forget to ensure you have the right plan before your travels. Live life to the full and have a carefree holiday, knowing you’re covered.
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Online Applications Launched for Medical Insurance

In the modern day our lives are busier than ever. We work longer hours than ever before and all find that time slips away quicker every year. To help save time on your insurance we at i-Brokers have tried to make life as simple and easy as possible by allowing our users to compare quotes and buy their medical insurance policy online all in one go. That’s right, there’s no need to fill in pages and pages of forms or worry about having to post documents you can do it all online. To further aid clients with this we also provide phone support so you can speak with one of our insurance specialists and they can even do this for you. It’s super easy!
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i-Brokers to Provide Life Insurance to Expats Globally

At i-Brokers we constantly strive to match the needs and expectations of our clients no matter where in the world they call home. Previously for some Expats wanting to buy life insurance in their country of residence was practically impossible. It either meant fly to a different country to sign an application which let’s face it is far from convenient or compromising and signing with a medical insurer come life insurer who would offer an annually renewable policy where it’s unclear what the premium will be from one year to the next.
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Partnership with Cigna

i-Brokers is delighted to announce our new partnership with Cigna to supply medical insurance plans to our clients globally. Cigna trace their roots back more than 200 years and today continue to innovate and expand around the world. As one of the largest medical insurance providers globally they have sales capability in 30 countries and jurisdictions, and more than 86 million customer relationships throughout the world and have more than 37,000 employees serving customers just about everywhere.
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An interview with Michael Smith of i-Brokers

i-Brokers launched as a new insurance intermediary in 2019 with a goal of embracing the changes offered in the insurance world and helping expats globally with a new service proposition. So, what does this actually mean? Here we talk with i-Brokers Michael Smith, and discuss his life as an expat and what the future holds in the world of insurance. Smith has lived as an expat for over 10 years living away from his native United Kingdom and has instead called Asia home.
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Privacy Policy

In May 2018 the European Union’s data privacy law will become enforceable. Due to the broad reaching nature of this law, and increased consciousness and importance of data privacy around the world, we have updated our Privacy Policy. Here we will take a look at the new regulation set out by the European Union, the changes to our policy, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions around these changes.
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i-Brokers has Insurance Broking License Approved

i-Brokers are proud to announce that we have officially been granted our insurance broking license allowing us to conduct insurance broking activity both in Hong Kong and internationally.
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i-Brokers move to Hong Kong headquarters

i-Brokers move to Hong Kong headquarters in Central. 2019 marks an exciting new era for i-Brokers as we officially launch and set up our Hong Kong headquarters in Central.
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Why We Do It

Allowing customers to easily compare benefits, prices and apply online puts the power of buying insurance firmly in the hands of our users. This means you are able to make huge savings and ensure that you have exactly the right plan for your own needs while also saving time.

Our goal by comparing the market like this is to challenge insurers to provide even more competitive plans, premiums and servicing and ultimately passing those savings on to you our valued customers.

What We Do

Finding the best possible prices and plans in the most simple way about is at the heart of what we do. We do this by working closely with insurance companies across the world to make sure that that our customers get the most competitive premium anywhere.

When you have made an enquiry you will have your own dedicated insurance specialist to assist you through the process. These are real people who will help and advise on plans that are specific to you. You will have their individual contact information so you can reach out and communicate in a way that is best for you.

Ask them questions, explain your situation and request information. We are here to help walk you through the world of insurance.

When you have decided on the correct policy we will set this up for you so you don’t have to. You can do this easily online or we will go through the application and process the cover with the insurer to start the plan.

Buying insurance really hasn’t been easier!

Our Customers

We have a wide range of clients all over the world. They all have with different insurance needs and criteria.

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then we can help. Request a quote from us today and see how we can assist in finding the right insurance plan for you.

We deal with the widest range of insurance company’s which allows you to see all the options before deciding on the right cover for you.

We work closely with each insurer to pass the best savings on to you. Buying insurance online with i–Brokers is not only easy but in many cases it is often cheaper than buying from the insurer directly and other insurance broker or comparison site!!

Do you want to compare your existing medical insurance plan to the rest of the market?

Do you wonder if thre is a new policy available that is better in benefits and cheaper?

Do you need cover in place to protect you and your family while living in a foreign country?

Do you need life insurance to cover your mortgage?

Do you need travel insurance to cover your family holiday?

Do you need maternity insurance because you are planning a family?

Do you have an existing life insurance policy but need to buy top up cover?

Do you need cover for a pre-existing medical condition?

Do you have an existing insurance plan and wondered if you are paying too much?

Do you want an additional medical insurance policy to compliment your company cover?

Do you have no insurance and are worried what will happen if you get ill?