how to make your work office more homey

How to make your work office more homey

How to make your work office more homey

Let’s admit it that visiting your work office can sometimes be boring especially when you have to leave the comfort of your home in winter. However actually you can make your workstation feel more like home with some practical tips that we have put together here. 

1. Rearrange the lighting in your workstation 

Try to put an accent lamp rather than a harsh overhead light in your work space.  If there is no space available for it, go with a warmer bulb for your overhead lights. Whenever you are feeling festive once the holiday season is around, perhaps string lights around your work area. 

2. Select homey furniture 

For your work area, go with furniture that gives you a sense of belonging to a home instead of the regular furniture. Whenever you stress out with your work or your colleagues, a nice piece of furniture like a small sofa for two people, a comfortable chair or couch can help you feel more relaxing and more like you are at your sweet home.   

3. Put together a relaxing, motivational music playlist 

SpotifyJoox and Apple Music are the top three music streaming apps you can use to listen to various genres of melodious music. Go with one that makes you more relaxed and motivates you to work more productively.   

How to make your work office more homey

4. Put plants in your work space 

Add live green foliage to your work space to spice up your work life! However, if you find it difficult to look after a plant, look for one that is able to grow without natural light that is if you work in an area where there is no natural light going through. With live greenery, you will definitely feel warmer and more lively. 

5. Include some peaceful art  

Including some form of tranquil art to lift up the atmosphere of your work area. It can either be a painting or texture on the walls or a picture frame on your workstation. It can also be a way to display warmth and your personality. Try to keep it look professional, clean and organized.   

6. Include a nice aroma 

As a matter of fact, odor is the strongest of the five senses and best controls how your brain works. Lighting a sweet-scented candle or diffusing essential oils can really make your day more productive. But keep in mind that the odor must not disturb the work atmosphere of your colleagues!  

On the whole, you would at least feel more right at home at your work office by implementing the six tips mentioned above. That is simply because there is no place like the office that feels like home!