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The official name of Thailand is Kingdom of Thailand. In Thai language, it’s called Prathet Thai. The country was known as “Siam” and then it was changed to the current name, “Prathet Thai”, or “Thailand”.

Today Thailand is home to expats from around the world who live there working in a host of industries. Thailand is now a premier choice for large number of retirees who wish to spend their days in warmer climates.

Health insurance Thailand

When moving to Thailand, expat medical insurance is an important item to research. The private healthcare system in Thailand is respectable and affordable, making it often a hot destination for “medical tourism. There are excellent international hospitals in Bangkok, but hospitals and clinics outside the main urban areas are not always up to Western standards. Many hospitals require guarantee of payment for bills, which can be expensive and may delay treatment. To avoid such problems, private health insurance is strongly recommended.

Thailand is home to both public and private hospitals, both of which are open to foreigners. Thailand citizens are granted free healthcare from the government through public hospitals, meaning these can be overcrowded and have stretched resources. Expats are allowed to use public hospitals, will have to pay for services provided upfront regardless of their health insurance in Thailand. Private hospitals have better access to medication and equipment, but, of course, cost more. These are more often the destination of foreigners as the process is more Western-style and many staff and doctors speak English.

Malaria is a risk in areas of Thailand near the Burmese border. Before entering these areas, take an anti-malarial drug prescribed by your doctor and protect yourself against bites by applying DEET-based repellant and wearing long sleeves and pants. Follow the same precautions to guard yourself against Dengue fever, a virus spread by mosquitoes that can be fatal. There is no vaccination available for this virus, which poses the strongest risk during the rainy season (May to October).

In light of the potential health risks and the substandard public health system in Thailand, it is essential for expatriates to obtain private health insurance in Thailand. i-Brokers provides the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that you find the high-quality coverage you require and have access to the best possible treatment – whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Travel insurance Thailand

Known primarily for its famous Full Moon parties on the beach and being the top gap year and backpacker destination of the last few years, Thailand has more to offer than neon paint and grass skirts. The ‘Land of Smiles’ isn’t named such for nothing, as the people in Thailand are often said to be some of the friendliest and most accommodating in the world. This, along with some of the most scenic beaches, and incredible Buddhist architecture, fantastic cuisine and budget prices make Thailand one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Wherever your trip to Thailand takes you, having a great travel insurance policy can give you the peace of mind to enjoy yourself without thinking of the ‘what ifs’.

With i-Brokers you have the opportunity to choose your own policy which fits your needs and budget, allowing you to tailor your travel insurance to your budget.

Popular benefits for travel cover in Thailand include:

  • Medical Cover
  • Accident Cover
  • Adventure sports, like scuba diving
  • Flight cancelations

Theft of personal belongings

Remember to purchase travel insurance when travelling in Thailand. Read the fine print for any policy to know what’s covered, what isn’t and what to do in the event of an emergency

Life Insurance Thailand

Expat life insurance in Thailand is something that everyone with a young family should look at. It is often the case that the main income generator for expat families in Thailand is one person so the impact on the family should a death occur to this person is potentially catastrophic.

Life insurance in Thailand can allow you to cherish your years more easily without the stress brought on worrying about what will happen to your loved ones after your death. Life Insurance in Thailand will bring additional peace of mind as you take on a new life with new challenges to face.