March 2021

what does remote working mean

What does remote working mean to you as an employer?

Remote working became a trend even before the advent of COVID-19. Over time the popularity of remote working has been increasing all over the world because of its upsides. However, like every other kind of working style, it also has downsides.  What does remote working mean and does it work? In this article, we provide you with a guide on the meaning […]

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healthcare in india

An Expat Guide to Healthcare in India

As an expat in India, having a good understanding of the country’s healthcare system is essential. There is a great diversity in the costs of medical treatment in India. Therefore, we have compiled a practical checklist that you can implement when you need to use medical services there.   1. Public Healthcare  A lack of financial support from the government in public hospitals means that

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policy wording

Your Guide to Understanding Your Policy Wording

Why understanding what your policy covers and why getting to know your insurance policy status are important.  So you have filled in blanks of the medical questionnaire form, done the math of your insurance premiums and ended up with a price that you are most comfortable with. Reading your policy wording carefully is also something important that you should not miss.   However, in reality, only a few of us spend

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hospital cash benefit

Hospital Cash Benefit

Understanding what hospital cash benefit means and how it works  What is a hospital cash benefit in health insurance?  The meaning of hospital cash benefit can also be known as in-patient cash benefit, in-patient hospital cash benefit and state hospital cash benefit in your medical insurance policy. It is health insurance benefit where monies are paid by the insurance company when treatment and/or accommodation for medical treatment,

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exclusion in health insurance

Exclusions in Health Insurance

Understanding what exclusions in health insurance mean and how they work.  What is a health insurance exclusion?  A health insurance exclusion refers to conditions, situations or events which are not eligible for reimbursement under an international medical insurance policy. These can usually include things like war, self-harm, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, cosmetic surgery, injuries arising from dangerous hobbies and pre-existing conditions (depending on what that condition is).  

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healthcare in malaysia

An Expat Checklist to Healthcare in Malaysia

When you become an expat in Malaysia, you have many different things to consider including the country’s health care system.   1. Public Healthcare  In Malaysia, public hospital services are available for all citizens and permanent legal residents. Malaysia’s Ministry of Health provides universal access to healthcare through a network of clinics and hospitals nationwide.  Treatment at public hospitals is very affordable, but the facilities do suffer

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bone marrow transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant Benefit on Your Medical Insurance

When it comes to the cure of cancer, the medical field has witnessed some superb advancements over the past 20 years. As the number of cancer cases rose, so did the cancer survival rates. The key reason for this is the medical advancements including the bone marrow transplant which is implemented to combat specific kinds of cancer.  What is bone marrow transplant cover

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