how to keep your skin healthy and glowing

How to keep your skin healthy and glowing

The skin is important to you because it protects your body by keeping out harmful things and absorbing the things your body needs to be appropriately operational.  

Your skin which protects the body is made up of cells that are shed and replaced by new cells on an ongoing basis. The most exterior layer of skin is scientifically known as the epidermis. 

Skin says many things about your health, your age and your race. In this article, we provide you with a guide on how to keep your skin healthy, glowing and young? 

how to keep your skin healthy

Keeping your skin healthy with home remedies 

Things you can simply prepare at home for your glowing skin and habits that keep your skin healthy include:  

Virgin coconut oil  

According to a trusted source, virgin coconut oil can moisturize your skin really well. 

Aloe vera 

Due to aloe vera’s healing features, you are advised to apply it every day after washing your face. However, you need to test it at first by applying a small amount of it on your forearm and if you are not allergic to it in 24 hours, that means you can use it with no worries. 

15 SPF sunscreen 

Your skin is an investment not an expense. Put on sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to keep away from skin cancer. 

Drink more water 

Staying hydrated can help make your skin healthy and glowing 

Take your probiotic supplements 

Taking probiotic supplements can cause your hair and skin to be healthy and glowing respectively. 

Shorten your shower and avoid the hot one 

Shower with a cool temperature can help make your face and skin have more youthful appearance.  

Stay away from both firsthand smoke and secondhand one 

Smoke has many chemical toxins that can make your skin prematurely aged so you’d better avoid it as much as humanly possible. 

Which food makes your skin glow? 

Your skin reflects what you eat so it is best to always consume nutritious foods to keep your skin young, healthy and glowing. Here we have put together an ultimate list for you: 


Broccoli contains good carotenoids, minerals and vitamins that are essential for the health of your skin. Additionally, it is a good source of sulforaphane which contributes to preventing skin cancer and acts as a sunburn shield for your skin. 

Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants which shield your skin against sunburn as well as enhance blood flow, hydration, skin texture, skin thickness and wrinkles. 

Fatty fish 

Fatty fish such as salmon has omega-3 fatty acids which can minimize inflammation and moisturize your skin. Besides, they contain high quality protein, zinc and vitamin E. 

Red or yellow bell peppers 

Bell peppers are enriched with vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which serve as essential antioxidants for your skin. You also need vitamin C to produce collagen which is the protein that strengthens your skin. 


Soy is rich in isoflavones that can enhance collagen, skin elasticity, skin dryness and prevent your skin from UV radiation.  

Sunflower seeds 

Sunflower seeds are enriched with vitamin E which serves as a necessary antioxidant for your skin. 

Sweet potatoes 

Beta carotene-enriched sweet potatoes can protect your skin from sunburn. 


Walnuts contain protein, selenium, vitamin E and zinc, all of which are necessary for your healthy skin. 

Drinks that keep your skin healthy 

Turmeric Golden Latte 

Turmeric golden latte has the ability to decrease inflammation as it contains curcumin. Appropriate consumption of turmeric can prevent you from having skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. 

Spearmint Tea 

The mint in spearmint tea can lower inflammation and lessen blemishes and oily secretion. It is an excellent drink to help reduce your acne. 

Dandelion Chai Tea 

Dandelion is another great ingredient for helping minimize inflammation and acne while chai reduces irritation of your skin. 

Matcha Latte 

Matcha latte is rich in antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory for your skin. Perhaps try to use maple syrup instead of sugar because the former is chock full of good nutrients and minerals. 

Pomegranate juice 

This juice is an excellent source of polyphenols and antioxidants, both of which reduce wrinkles and fine-lines very well as well as enhance the tone of your skin.  

Cucumber-infused water 

Cucumbers help keep your skin hydrated,  improve the tone of your skin and keep inflammation to a minimum. 

Which fruits make your skin glow? 

Some of the best fruits that you are supposed to eat on a daily basis for excellent skin health are as follows: 


Avocados are a great source of vitamins C and E which help protect your skin from harmful sunlight. 

Red grapes 

Red grapes are enriched with resveratrol which is an antioxidant that helps counteract the aging process of your skin. 

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon 

They keep your skin hydrated, plump and radiant due to its abundance of vitamin C. 

Melons such as watermelon and muskmelon 

These melons are a great source of vitamin C, A and B which enhances overall skin texture and its health. 


Vitamin C – enriched apricots have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory features for your good skin health.  


Chock full of vitamins A, C, E and K, peaches can really help keep your skin glowing and preventing your skin from getting sunlight damage. 

What vitamins keep your skin healthy? 

Vitamin D  

Vitamin D assists you in improving your skin tone and contributes to the treatment of psoriasis

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C has anti-aging properties and can be found in many skin care products. That is why they say your skin is an investment not an expense. Along with vitamin E, it helps take the effectiveness of sunscreens to the next level. 

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E helps shield you from sunburn as it has sunlight absorbing properties. This can also help prevent wrinkles and dark spots. 

Vitamin K  

Vitamin K helps your skin with blood clotting, wounds, bruises, scars and dark spots.  

keep your skin healthy


On the whole, since skin is vital as a shield against UV rays, infection and loss of essential nutrients and water for your body, you need to attend to it gently and carefully so that it will remain healthy and carries on with its key function of sheltering your body for decades to come. 

If you are worried about how your skin looks, do speak to your main medical care provider or dermatologist as skin issues can lead to other medical conditions. 

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