i-Brokers Privacy Policy

Why we updated our privacy policy?

We have managed to update our privacy policy so they are much clearer and simpler to read and understand. Although it seemed like a massive task, we all agreed that it could not and should not be neglected. 

What issue are we striving to tackle? 

Research indicates that nearly nobody reads long digital contracts where you need to click to agree or tick the ‘agree’ boxes. According to The Guardian, it would take an average person almost 250 hours to read all of the digital contracts they enter each year. It is a trend that does not seem to get better. 

The shortening and simplifying of terms and conditions leads to more people reading them and those people having a more positive perception towards them which results in more trust. 

Taking this into account, our legal team rewrote our privacy policy from the ground up.  

What have we revamped? 

• Massively minimized the word count to decrease in overall reading time. 

• Replaced insurance jargon with plain, straightforward English that we hope everyone can easily understand. 

• Created a simplified section of our website which is both easier to navigate and mobile friendly. 

What is in it for you? 

Seriously, our privacy policy is very important. It defines the relationship between your personal data and us. We know this relationship inside and out. But we see users who don’t always know this as well as they could, or deserve. Knowing your rights is essential when something goes wrong (not that we expect it to). Not only is this change in your interest, it also helps us (especially our support team) if you understand our relationship better. 

We pride ourselves on providing a product that are transparent and allows you to understand exactly what the service is that you’re getting. We’re now building this approach into every detail of our interactions with you, starting with the most important part, our legal relationship. 

Our new privacy policy is available for your reading pleasure on this page

Let us know what you think. Happy reading!