safety of dental work during pregnancy

Safety of dental work during pregnancy

During pregnancy, attending to your gums and teeth is especially important. The reason is when you are pregnant, there are shifts in your hormones that result in higher risk of getting oral diseases such as gum disease. This also negatively impacts your baby’s health. 

Here we have listed out some important tips to know when it comes to safe dental work during pregnancy.  

Is dental work while pregnant safe ? 

According to many reputable doctors, getting simple dental work done during pregnancy is safe.   

However, the use of mercury fillings is not recommended for moms-to-be except for cases that are really medically required. Getting exposed to mercury is harmful to your health. 

While you are expecting your baby and need dental care at the same time, you should take the following actions: 

• In the very beginning, you need to let your dentist and doctor know that you are pregnant. Although you can receive routine dental treatment while pregnant, you should get your elective dental care following your baby delivery. Prior to getting any kind of dental work, always consult with your maternity doctor first to see if you have any special dental precautions.  

• Inform your dentist the names and amount of dosage of all the medicinal drugs you are taking. Your personal information is important because it is probably necessary that your dentist change your dental care plan.   

• Being pregnant does not mean you need to omit your dental examination. During pregnancy, you typically has higher risk of getting a medical condition called pregnancy gingitivis. This refers to having tender gums that are prone to bleed quite often. So you need to even take extra care of your gums while pregnant. Do visit your periodontist at once if gum swelling or bleeding happens to you. 

• To prevent issues for your oral health, do practise best dental hygiene tips strictly. 

Is local anesthesia for dental work safe during pregnancy? 

Local anesthesia for dental work where bupivacaine, mepivacaine and lidocaine are used is safe while you are pregnant. Typically, do avoid sedation and if stronger types of anesthesia are required, do consult your obstetrician or certified nurse midwife beforehand. 

Are dental x rays safe while pregnant? 

Generic dental x rays are safe during pregnancy as long as your thyroid and abdomen along with your baby are protected with a special garment. Dental x rays have become more secure these days than the past. 

What dental work is safe during pregnancy first trimester? 

Routine dental procedures are safe while you are pregnant in the first three months. Ideally, it is recommended to receive any elective dental care while during pregnancy in the second trimester (weeks 14 until 20).  

On the whole, no matter what type of dental work you undergo while you are pregnant, your health and the health of your baby are paramount. If you have not visited your dentist for a while, schedule a checkup today. In the meantime, remember to follow best oral health practices to keep your gums and teeth healthy as you journey through dental experience during motherhood. 

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