Scuba Diving Insurance - Travel Insurance For Scuba Diving

21 Feb 2019

Scuba Diving Travel Insurance


A scuba diving mishap can easily cause serious injury or illness so if you are considering scuba diving when on holiday scuba diving travel insurance is something that is an essential purchase for your trip. Before you jet off on the diving holiday of your dreams, think twice before settling on the cheapest policy you find. The wrong policy can cost you far more if it doesn’t fit your needs. Be sure to compare policies, do plenty of research and make sure you have adequate scuba diving travel insurance.


Diving insurance travel care gives cover for serious and casual scuba divers so what's covered by regular travel insurance policies that have this included?


• Lost or stolen dive gear: Provided it is locked away, your diving gear such as a pair of fins, a regulator and gauges will be covered although every insurer will have a different set limit for each item.


• Medical: In the event that you should suffer from a diving injury and require emergency evacuation or medical treatment, travel insurance has got you covered. Check with your insurer that you are covered for hyperbaric treatment in the event that you experience decompression injuries.


• Cancellation: Should illness or an accident on route to the airport cause you to miss a flight or cancel your trip, your policy will cover you.


• Liability: Travel insurance will cover you in the event that you are responsible for another person’s injury.


Its important to realize that not every travel insurance policy will cover scuba diving and related risks so please check on the benefits on each plan which are easily displayed on the benefits guide with each insurer on the travel insurance comparison guide.


• Alcohol related claims: Drinking alcohol before a dive can lead to dehydration, impaired decision making and a host of other risks. Travel insurance will also not cover any claims related to alcohol consumption, both in and out of the water.


• Non-recognised diving license: Reckon you’re a self-taught scuba expert? If you’re planning on diving without an instructor you will need a valid diving certificate. Consider yourself warned!


• Diving below your specified depth: Most insurers will specify the maximum dive depths they will cover, regardless of whether you are licensed or not. Any medical aid required for injuries below this depth would not be covered.


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