i-Brokers, Blue Cross HK partner up to offer Medical Insurance plans

i-Brokers, Blue Cross Announce Strategic Collaboration

i-Brokers is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Blue Cross Hong Kong to offer medical insurance products to clients globally. This partnership is a testament to both companies’ commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and addressing the evolving needs of customers.

i-Brokers, known for its digital brokerage solutions, brings to the table a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of comparing and purchasing insurance policies. This digital facility is especially pertinent in the modern era, where consumers are inclined towards online transactions. Through this partnership, i-Brokers will leverage its technological infrastructure to facilitate seamless access to Blue Cross’ medical insurance plans, which are tailored to meet a diverse range of customer needs and expectations. Blue Cross benefits from this partnership by tapping into i-Brokers’ innovative distribution network, which can extend its reach to a broader demographic.

By providing a plethora of choices and transparent access to information, the partnership between i-Brokers and Blue Cross aims to give customers more control when choosing medical insurance. With more choices and transparency, customers can better understand and select the plans that work for their requirements. 


Blue Cross is one of the leading insurance companies in the world. With over 50 years of operational experience in the insurance industry, Blue Cross provides a comprehensive range of products and services including medical, travel and general insurance, which cater to the needs of both individual and corporate customers. While BCBS primarily operates within the U.S., its initiatives and global partnerships reflect a commitment to improving healthcare standards worldwide, including in Asia.

The foundation of Blue Cross’ success is its robust network of agents, partners, and digital channels, all of which ensure comprehensive coverage and accessibility for its customers.

Regarding the new partnership, i-Brokers Director Michael Smith said,

“We’re thrilled to be selected by Blue Cross as a distributor for their well-crafted Medical Insurance products. Our collaboration with Blue Cross HK is rooted in a shared vision and values, ensuring a strong foundation for our joint endeavors and mutual growth. This alliance not only expands our market reach but also enhances our ability to meet diverse customer needs more effectively. We are particularly excited about the synergy this partnership creates, and the growth it promises.”


By combining i-Brokers’ expertise as an online insurance broker with Blue Cross’ global presence, the two firms aim to enhance accessibility, affordability and convenience for customers seeking quality healthcare coverage worldwide. This partnership signifies the growing recognition across the insurance industry of the need to adapt products and services to the digital age.