Single Trip Travel Insurance

21 Feb 2019

How Does Single Trip Travel Insurance Work?


If you’re looking for cheap travel insurance for your next one-off journey then a simple single trip travel insurance plan is by far your best bet. With benefits and cover for overseas medical costs, delayed or lost baggage/belongings, trip cancellations and delays (just to name a few). One-trip travel insurance policy is ideal for single travelers, couples and families who are undertaking a single, one-off leisure or business trip to an overseas destination.



So what type of cover is usually included on a single trip travel insurance plan?


Medical Emergency (Accident or Sickness): Your insurance plan may have you covered for medical expenses incurred if you have an accident or get sick during your trip.


Compassionate Visit: The travelling costs of immediate family members may be covered by your insurer so that they can take care of you if you are hospitalized abroad while on your trip.


Return of Minor Children: If children are with you on your trip, have you ever considered what will happen if you’re hospitalized? Your insurance can cover the cost of flying them back home while you recover at the hospital.


Loss of Limbs or Disablement: You can get benefits or compensation up to a certain amount if you suffer from loss of limbs or suffer an accident that causes you to become permanently disabled during a trip.


Personal Liability: In the unfortunate event that you do get into an accident and someone else was injured or someone else’s property was damaged or destroyed, then this cover can come in handy.


Accidental Death: Horrible things tend to happen unexpectedly. With this type of coverage, your family can receive benefits in the event that you suffer from a fatal event during a trip.


Repatriation of Remains: This covers the cost of transporting the deceased policyholder.


Travel Delay: A travel insurance policy may provide benefits if your flight gets delayed due to bad weather, strike (by airline workers for example), a hijacking, or natural disasters.


Lost Baggage, Personal Items, or Travel Documents: Losing your things (especially your passport!) while you’re on a trip can be a headache. If you have this type of coverage, you get reimbursed for your losses and even get funds you can use for expenses incurred while you seek a replacement for your lost travel documents.


Golfer Hole in One: Not everyone plays golf when they travel, but if you do play golf, you know how special it is to score a hole in one. If you do score a hole in one, tradition calls for you to invite everyone in the clubhouse on a drink. Hole in One Coverage allows you to may make a claim on this expenditure from your insurer. As golf is popular and this cover is appealing to travellers who play golf during their trip, many insurers cover it.


Delayed Baggage: What will happen if you’re at your destination and it’s snowing and your baggage with your coat has yet to arrive?  Well with your travel insurance, you may get reimbursed for emergency purchases of essential items or clothing if your baggage is delayed for 6 hours or more.


Personal Money: You can make a claim with your insurer for lost cash or travelers’ cheques during your trip with this type of cover. This usually applies to theft and robbery but some travel insurance plans may pay out for accidental losses as well.


Loss of Home Contents: Afraid that you might come back home and find that your property was stolen while you were on a trip? If you get a travel insurance policy with this coverage, you can be indemnified for your loss.


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