Annual Travel Insurance

21 Feb 2019

If you simply love to travel any chance you get or if you are taking two or more trips a year annual multi-trip cover is a cheap and competitive travel insurance option that can cover multiple trips under one, easy policy. If you travel a few times per year, you could make huge savings by purchasing an annual multi-trip policy, rather than a single trip policy each time you travel. For one price, you can get standard or comprehensive travel insurance cover for a whole year.

With frequent traveller travel insurance, you can generally take an unlimited number of trips or travel as often as you like for up to 90 days per journey (although this does very from each insurer).

Benefits of an annual travel insurance policy include

• Huge savings

• Automatically covered for spontaneous trips

• No need to research and purchase travel insurance each time you travel

• Easily renewed (even if you are not in your home country) 

When trying to compare travel insurance and single trip travel insurance versus an annual trip travel insurance policy it is quite self explanatory. If you travel frequently, consider an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy. If you're planning a single trip and don't have any foreseeable travels coming up, then a single trip travel insurance policy is likely to be the best option.

Most insurers offer worldwide cover for annual multi-trip policies and some insurers offer additional, cheaper price points that allow travellers to only pay for the cover they required. For instance someone that knows they have multiple trips planned for Australia and South Pacific only does not require worldwide cover.

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