Critical Illness Insurance

21 Feb 2019

Buying critical insurance online with i-Brokers can provide you with significant savings on premiums and the benefit of selecting an insurer who will not argue when it comes to claiming. Saving ideas for when you are buying insurance can be discussed with one of our insurance specialists.


Critical illness cover offers an extra level of protection on top of a standard life insurance policy, so that if you develop one of the illnesses specified, you receive a lump sum payment to spend how you wish. You may choose to use a pay-out to cover things like ongoing healthcare/treatment or simply maintaining your family’s standard of living, if you were unable to continue work for instance.


What insurers define as a critical illness can vary, but policies commonly cover heart conditions and some forms of cancer or kidney/liver failure. Other conditions that could be classed as critical illness include, major organ transplant, Parkinson's disease, deafness, blindness and traumatic head injury. This list isn't exhaustive, and not all companies will cover all of these, so it's important to check policy details to see the full list of illnesses covered.


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