i-Brokers launches travel insurance comparison for expats

20 Feb 2019

i-Brokers launches travel insurance comparison for expats


We at i-Brokers want you to get the best policy for wherever you choose to go. Whether you want to backpack around Australia, ski in the Alps or simply lay on a beach with a palm tree for shade, we can offer an insurance package to meet your needs. We protect travelers’ worldwide helping them compare plans and passing on huge savings with our simple to use quote engine. We’re the helping hand you can rely on. So don’t forget to ensure you have the right plan before your travels. Live life to the full and have a carefree holiday, knowing you’re covered.


So why should you bother with travel insurance?


We all know that in life the unexpected can happen. The question is, can you live with the consequences, especially when you find yourself far from home? Imagine if you encountered any of the following:


·       You’re involved in an accident and need emergency medical attention. Who will pay for it?

·       Your scheduled airline is declared bankrupt leaving you short of a flight. How do you get home?

·       Your flight is cancelled or delayed due to an unforeseen natural disaster. What happens to your holiday?

·       Your wallet is stolen and you have no emergency cash to fall back on. Who can you turn to?

·       A close family member falls ill and your trip has to be cancelled. Do you lose all your money?

·       Your baggage is lost or delayed in transfer. Who’s going to pay for the essentials when you need them most?



According to the latest independent research 90% of people who travel buy insurance and consider this to be an essential purchase when travelling abroad. The possibility of a crisis, high costs and having to face the situation alone, is just not worth the risk for many of us. 


Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?

A special consideration for people buying annual travel cover is pre-existing medical conditions, which many plans do not cover. What does that mean? An existing medical condition, as a travel insurance plan may define it, is an illness or injury that you were seeking or receiving treatment for, or had symptoms of, on the day you purchased the plan or at any time in the 120 days before you purchased it.


Compare travel insurance online with i-Brokers


If you would like to receive a free quote for any of the travel insurance plans, complete the easy form at the top of this page. One of our travel insurance specialists will be happy to assist you.


Got a question that is specific to you? Email info@i-brokers.com

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