Backpacker Travel Insurance

27 Aug 2018

Backpacker Travel Insurance


As a backpacker you could be carrying several thousand pounds on you every time you step out your front door without even realizing it. An iPhone or a laptop, a digital camera and lenses or perhaps your jewelry - it all adds up very quickly. The unfortunate truth is that the combined cost of the average travellers back pack could be 10 times the standard monthly income of a Cambodian national.


So, what does my backpacking travel insurance really cover?


Laptops or smart phone are within your baggage limit, but since they are desirable items that thieves target, they are classified by most insurers as ‘valuables’. If you read the small print, you’ll find a ‘valuables’ limit in your backpacking insurance policy which is much less than the standard baggage covers you have.


Some form of camera has to go with you for all those cool photos you’ll take and show to just about everyone you meet for the next five years. If you’re taking something separate to the camera in your smartphone, you want to be careful that it is covered too. You know a half-decent SLR can cost a lot so once again that's under the baggage limit and will be fine. Cameras and other photographic equipment (like lenses) are covered as ‘valuables’ too.


Cash and passports are usually covered by a separate limit, similar to the ‘valuables’ one. It’s often called the ‘Cash and Passport limit’. The good news is that "Personal Money" for them means cash, pre-paid cards, traveler’s cheques, even event and travel tickets on some travel insurance policies.


If you're thinking about travelling to an unstable country, you might want to read our guide to travel insurance with terrorism cover and for dangerous areas.


Check the valuables limits so you know your cover for gadgets, jewelry, etc.

Ensure you consider the cash and passport limits to protect the notes you will take.

Read the policy documentation for specific exclusions like sunglasses… or china!


Things get different when you leave the front door for months of travelling. You're far more conscious of what you're taking - your pack becomes a haven of the necessary, the cheap and the robust - the worry is of course that the useful things you want to take are often expensive or fragile and a question hovers; “Is it going to get stolen or trashed?”



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