Maternity Insurance Hong Kong Guide

30 Dec 2017

Maternity insurance covers the medical costs incurred during pregnancy and childbirth, including hospital charges, specialist fees, mother's pre and post-natal care, as well as newborn care. This is an ever changing product and we constantly keep up to date with the state of maternity insurance in Hong Kong so we can provide our clients with the best advice on the topic. If you’re looking to become pregnant in the future and want to give your family the best, start, then you should find this guide invaluable.


The Background


Using a private hospital or maternity facility is now becoming increasing popular all over the world and places like Hong Kong this is no exception, particularly for expats. In recent years Hong Kong has seen costs for maternity treatment reach new heights over recent years making them one of the most expensive places globally to give birth.


The Costs


The costs of giving birth in Hong Kong increase year after year there is little sign of seeing a slow down. A combination of a growing restriction of locally available maternity beds and more mainland Chinese crossing the border to utilize Hong Kong’s superior medical services are the key drivers for this. With wealthy Mainland Chinese nationals choosing to deliver their children in Hong Kong the Hong Kong government has imposed mandatory minimum fees on non-residents using local maternity facilities. However, even a minimum cost to use public maternity hospitals has not proven to stop many “maternity tourists”.


The Solutions


Medical insurance plans that cover maternity cover really are a no brainer if you are considering giving birth privately in Hong Kong. The cost of the premium you will pay with the right insurer will often be far less than the treatment that you incur costs for. Pregnancy plans will all vary in the cover they provide and it is important that you find the right insurer that has this.


Individual Hong Kong pregnancy and maternity insurance plans will have a waiting period. This is the length of time you must have held the policy before being able to claim for and receive treatment under the maternity coverage benefit. Every insurance company has different benefits and rules surrounding waiting periods and we at i-Brokers can help you have this explained fully from all the insurers we deal with.


Tips for finding the right pregnancy insurance in Hong Kong


1. Get insured early – The most important tip we recommend clients who are looking at maternity insurance is to get covered early. All maternity policies have a waiting period included meaning that you must hold the policy for at least 10-12 months or longer before you’re able to claim on the maternity benefits. Every insurer (when buying an individual policy) has a waiting period. Unfortunately, no insurer will waive the waiting period and no insurer will cover you for maternity cover if you are already pregnant


2. Learn what pregnancy insurance will cover


Typical pregnancies come with a number of tests and scans that are done by hospitals in order to ensure the health of your baby through to delivery. It is important to know exactly what tests, scans and possible procedures your policy will cover. Being clear with your insurer or broker about your needs will safeguard against having any financial shocks.


Most policies will cover the following:


Outpatient care: Pre and post-natal doctor visits, screenings and tests.

Inpatient care: Delivery (vaginal or c-section), any emergency hospitalizations for mother or baby either before or after the pregnancy.

Incidentals: Coverage for the cost of things like medicine and medical equipment.

Some of the more comprehensive plans will also include coverage for newborn baby care, fertility treatments, congenital birth defects, and treatments required for newborns if something happens after delivery. Knowing what can be covered will help you be more informed about the pregnancy insurance policy you choose.


3. Know how much your pregnancy will cost in Hong Kong - Maternity insurance, like all insurance policies, exists to help the financial burden of receiving healthcare. When you’re researching a maternity insurance plan it really helps to know what the costs are likely to be of having a child in Hong Kong.


Private hospitals can vary massively in price depending on where you decide to go. The cost of a routine vaginal delivery at The Matilda Hospital is usually around HKD 150,000. In the event of a caesarean section that price can climb to over HKD 200,000.The Hospital Authority website shows that an Obstetrics package in a public hospital can cost between HKD 39,000 and HKD 90,000.



4. Pay for what you will use and not what you won’t - When comparing maternity plans, remember what your needs are so that you’re not unnecessarily paying for things you don’t need. This advice holds true for purchasing any form of insurance, but it is especially true as often pregnancy insurance is not included in a basic health insurance plan. As an add on, you will have to pay an extra premium to ensure that your pregnancy runs smoothly.


Compare Maternity Insurance Quotes with i-Brokers


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