how to handle holiday blues

How to handle Holiday Blues if it happens

It is typically ordinary to feel joyful during the holiday season. However, some may get depressed as year end festivities are around the corner, which is considered usual, considering the fact that we still have to live with COVID-19 this year. Why does this happen? What are some ways to cope with it?  

In this blog post, we are going to share with you the reasons why we may have that negative feeling and ways to take control of our mental health when we are on holidays. 

Possible reasons why you feel sad prior to the holidays 

1. COVID-19 

The typical theme about holidays is to get together with other people, which means our odds of exposing to COVID-19 may increase.  

Celebrating holidays under the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic can stress us out greatly as we may constantly be worried about getting sick through contact with others, which prevents us from fully enjoying the holidays.  

We may also choose to avoid seeing family and friends during the holidays to eliminate the risk of catching COVID-19, but social isolation, especially the times when we are supposed to socialise with our loved ones, can lead to depression. 

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2. Financial worries 

It seems that consumerism has been taking over our holidays as we tend to spend more money on things that are not necessities just for the sake of holidays. For example, if you are a parent, your child(ren) may want Christmas gifts that are out of your budget. You grant your child(ren)’s wishes anyway because it is a special occasion, but it can bring you a financial burden, causing stress and negatively impacting your mental health. 

3. Memories of loved ones who have passed away 

For people whose loved ones have died or have chosen to leave, holidays can be sorrowful. It is because holidays are meant for us to spend time with our beloved, family and friends; therefore, loneliness usually grows stronger as the people you care about the most are not here to be with you during the holidays while, for instance, you see others are having a great time with loved ones or memories with your beloved during the holidays in the past come rushing back, leading to depressive feelings. 

5 tips to handle holiday blues 

1. Accept your feelings 

Remember that just because you are on holidays, it does not mean that you must force yourself to feel happy. If you recently have lost someone closed or are struggling with the current situation, you need to understand that it is okay not to feel okay, even during the holidays. Suppressing our emotions does not do us any good but makes our negative feelings stronger. 

2. Stay away from social media 

If you know that you are going to feel worse being alone while seeing pictures of others having fun with their family and friends during the holidays, then stop checking your social media.  

It is not necessary to celebrate the holidays if you do not feel like it or if holidays give you stress. Just spend the holidays like normal days and continue with the things that you enjoy when having free time, such as reading, exercising, or cooking. 

3. Learn to say ‘no’ to holiday pressures 

You should always prioritize your mental health, therefore do not feel bad to decline an invitation or leave an event if you do not feel comfortable. Everyone will understand as we are all going through a difficult time together.  

You may only feel overwhelmed and not be able to enjoy the holidays if you say yes to something you do not prefer. Set a reasonable budget for the spending during the holidays and try not to exceed it to avoid burdening yourself financially. Holidays are about happiness rather than material possessions. 

4. Be aware that some things are out of your control 

If COVID-19 is hindering you from spending or enjoying the holidays with your loved ones, just know that some things are out of your control as chances are you can get COVID-19 doing groceries in the supermarket. Therefore, try not to be afraid to see your family if it means a lot to you and the most you can do is to strictly follow safety measures like properly wearing a mask and frequently wash your hands. We all deserve a break so go and enjoy your holidays as long as all disease prevention measures are in place. 

5. Look for assistance 

This is always suggested when it comes to managing our mental health because we may still feel depressed regardless of our efforts to change it. Talk to your trusted family members and friends and if it does not work, seek help from mental health professionals. They are experts of mental wellness so they should be able to give you valuable, personalised advice to you. 

Last but not least, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you liked this blog post.