how to be happy at work

How to be happy at work

Approximately a third of a day for most of us is dedicated to working either remotely or in the office. Some people perceive work as something they must go through so that they can have income for their living and take pleasure in fun activities after work or during weekends and holidays. 

In the meantime, others feel happy while they are working and see it as something they want to do rather than something they are required to undergo.  

Would it be better if you can find your work more meaningful and enjoyable? As Mark Twain says “find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life!”  

So, in this article, we are going to share with you some important tips on how to be happy at work. 

1. Begin your work day on the right track 

• Get up early 

Perhaps allow yourself to have at least an hour prior to arriving at the workplace so you can do what you need to do such as having breakfast, jogging and sparing some time for traveling to work.  

You might have to sleep an hour or so to become accustomed to this routine. 

• Be well-groomed 

Dress neatly and nicely will make other people respect you more and also increase your self-confidence when you see yourself in a great outfit in the mirror.  

By dressing nicely, it does not have to always be formal and can be casual, depending on the dress code of your workplace.  

• Arrive at your workplace before your working hours 

If you appear at the office even a couple of minutes late, you can feel that it is a rushed beginning of your work day. Also, you will not look good in the perception of your boss and your colleagues.  

• Separate your personal issues from your work  

Although you feel worried about personal problems such as having arguments with your friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse or other family members, do remind yourself of dealing with them after working hours or during your lunch break.  

• Say hi to your boss and colleagues upon your arrival in the office 

As soon as you walk past the entrance of your office, try greeting as many coworkers as possible prior to starting your work. The greetings will make you feel more connected with them and boost your positivity and thus your happiness.  

If you don’t do so, you will be seen as an antisocial person, no matter you really are or not. 

2. Simplify your work 

• Try taking a walk while you are at your workplace 

Despite the feeling of needing to sit in front of your computer at your desk all day long, you can take 5-10 minute breaks to get physically active. This can energize you and make you more joyful with your work. Examples of small physical activities you can do during your work day include: walking up to the desk of a colleague rather than emailing him or her, using the stairs rather than the lift and get up and walk across the street to purchase your favorite drink. 

• Do not do many tasks at the same time 

Even though it may seem like multitasking can help you get all of the work done more quickly, many studies indicate that in reality it delivers the opposite result.  

Completely finishing one or two tasks will actually give you more sense of success than completing ten tasks halfway.  

Writing a to-do list and checking items off the list one by one is one way that can help you be more focused with your work. The more sense of accomplishment you have, the happier you become at work. 

Attractive smiling businessman in eyeglasses working on laptop, typing, spending time at cafe. Dressed in white shirt.

3. Connecting with your colleagues 

• Befriending your coworkers 

It is true that although you cannot be best friends with everybody, at least you should connect with people who really matter to you.  

If you would like to criticize and be of help to improve something in the workplace, do give constructive feedback and praise rather than negative criticism.  

Always see all things that happen in the office from a positive perspective. Not only does this give you a positive reputation among your colleagues but also make you happy along the way. 

• Try staying away from negative people, if possible.  

Negative people here refer to those who complain about personal problems, their boss and their colleagues and their tasks at work.  

Additionally, do not get involved in gossips and do not be a gossip yourself. Otherwise, you will be less happy at work due to having a bad reputation. 


On the whole, if you haven’t done what has been mentioned above before, perhaps try following the tips and you will be on your way to becoming happy at work. 

However, if the advice above is not working, then perhaps it is time you need to look for a new job that fulfills your real passion and makes you feel like you never work a day in your life.