healthier thanksgiving

How to have a healthier Thanksgiving in 2022

Traditions are an important part of life because they make emotional bonds stronger between family, friends, and relatives. Here are some ways of how to create lasting memories through healthy-minded Thanksgiving traditions. 

Engage with Key Values 

This Thanksgiving, remember to make space to reflect on why it’s important for your family to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Traditions center this Thanksgiving, and throughout the holiday season, on the values that make these celebrations meaningful and motivate us all to come closer together. 

Prepare a Healthy Breakfast 

According to Andrea Mathis, MA, RDN, LD, it may seem like a great idea to skip breakfast and ‘save’ calories for the main Thanksgiving meal. However, skipping breakfast can negatively affect mood and make you feel ravenous. Properly nourish your body throughout the day to help you listen to hunger and fullness cues and to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving. 

Get physically active during the day 

Many communities across the United States hold a Thanksgiving race near or on Thanksgiving Day. Find a race near you, organise your own, or find another fun way to be physically active while the turkey is being cooked. 

Other ideas for physical activity include coordinating a pickleball or basketball tournament (indoor at a facility, or outdoor as weather permits), playing flag football, taking a morning hike, or biking on a local path. 

Take a short walk in the evening 

Did you know that taking a short walk within a 60–90-minute window after a large meal has been shown to significantly help the body to control blood glucose and insulin levels? 

Make it a tradition to take a family fall stroll after enjoying this delicious Thanksgiving meal! 


On the whole, although holidays are often centered around food and nothing could be truer about Thanksgiving, it’s worthwhile taking part in physical activities to keep your body fit and healthy and away from illnesses. Adapting some simple strategies to help you feel your best can be an excellent idea if they help you enjoy the day.