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The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Healthcare

The Pandemic 

The world has been negatively impacted by a pandemic called COVID-19 or coronavirus disease that broke out in late 2019. According to Worldometer, globally, over one hundred million people are infected with COVID-19 and more than two million died of this pandemic as of writing this article.  

Numerous nations are struggling with economic downturns and so are their healthcare system. In addition, unemployment and business shutdowns become increasingly common.  

The global disease outbreak has alerted all countries to pay more attention to their medical system as health is a necessity in human life. They need to improve healthcare amenities and medical providers for their citizens. Meanwhile, each individual has become more mindful of their own health and needs to have the right health insurance to perfectly fit in with their medical needs.  

The New Normal 

Now is the time where many people have prioritized their health over anything else. They inevitably have to accept the new normal, including always wearing face mask when in public, practicing social distancing and always washing their hands with sanitation gel.   

A large number of companies have allowed their employees to work remotely and practice telecommuting. Entry to many countries have also become more challenging to travelers as their border controls require visitors to submit a certificate of health insurance when they would like to enter the countries. This means that having a health insurance policy has become a top priority rather than an optional advantage when it comes to international healthcare.  

The particular situation will last until COVID-19 vaccines become prevalent over the world. 

Selecting an International Health Insurance Plan 

If you need to travel to foreign countries, then an international healthcare plan is a must for you. It is best to understand the benefit amount, coverage and health insurance premium by comparing the plans tailored to your specific medical needs side by side.  
Wherever you travel to or settle in, it is vital to have medical coverage with you so there is no need to worry about paying your medical bills out of your own pocket.  
International health insurance providers make changes to their policies usually on an annual or bi-annual basis. Sometimes these changes will mean adding or removing benefits or benefit limits the terms and conditions. When your insurance provider makes a change, check to see how it affects you as it relates to your needs because it may require a switch to another policy.