how to stay awake at work

How to Stay Awake at Work and Avoid Being Sleepless

We can all find work tiring and if you have had insufficient sleep it can easily impact your day-to-day tasks in your workplace, then you are not alone. Many people are having this issue and fortunately, there are solutions to it. In this article, we provide you with a guide on how to keep yourself awake at work so your days can be more refreshing and productive.  

1. Have a chat with a colleague 

To keep awake at work, try chatting with your co-worker. Perhaps make jokes or tell fun stories to concentrate your mind on something else for a bit as a small break from thinking about your daily tasks all day long. 

2. Take Short Regular Breaks  

Try taking a short break of 5-10 minutes from your dull work. You might want to take the approach of mixing things up a little.  

For example, attempt to work for half an hour to one hour at a time and then take a 5-10 minute break by standing up and moving around during your short rest.  

Changing your scenery by talking a walk can help you get more energized. The bonus of this might be you can get new ideas or spark creativity from this little activity.    

Another activity that you can do is to stay awake is to throw cold water at your face. This will help energize your body by keeping your blood flow in an upward direction (toward your brain).  

3. Cooling off Your Workspace 

If there is a window near your workstation, try opening it for a refreshing breeze. This can help make the room cooler, help you become more energetic and keep your blood pumped more properly.  

4. Give your body pressure points a massage  

Key pressure points on your body include the area behind your knees, the area between your index finger and thumb and the back of your neck. Doing this helps you become more alert and active. 

5. Listen to some music 

You can use audio streaming mobile applications such as JOOXSpotify and Apple Music or even listen to music on YouTube. Actually, listening to music can be a double-edged sword in a sense that it can also make you feel distracted and keep you relaxed and alert at the same time.  

6. Consume less sugar 

Sugar consumption gives you upsides and downsides. On a positive note, it can help keep you awake. On the contrary, keep in mind that it causes blood sugar fluctuations which is one of the root causes of sleepiness. 

7. Sleeping Environment 

Your sleeping surroundings are very important. They include room temperature, lights and sounds. It would be great if you can avoid turning lights on or leaving sounds of electronic devices on before your bedtime. The purpose of this is to keep your mind peaceful and give you a chance of having sound sleep.  


On the whole, if you have tried ways to stay awake at work like consuming caffeinated drinks such as soft drinks and coffee and you still struggle at staying awake, then perhaps try the tips mentioned above. Be mindful of always getting adequate sleep every night. If you still feel exhausted, then you need to ask your medical provider for assistance.