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At i-Brokers our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our customers has a wonderful experience. We are pleased to have earned excellent ratings from many who we have served and aim to exceed these standards every day.

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In today’s progressive and competitive marketplace a global footprint and outlook are critical to a company’s success. Our process works to ensure this is achieved and you receive the news that is relevant to your needs, supplemented by consultant analysis and implications for employers.

i-Brokers provides insurance solutions to aid and assist employers like you, maximise their potential. We use innovative and inventive approaches to create clear and successful strategies allowing you to establish strong corporate governance whilst controlling the costs normally associated with employee benefits and commercial insurance. We have leading expertise and experience in integrating international, regional, and local aspects of personal and commercial insurance which enables us to introduce or further develop industrial best-practice alongside local business practices and requirements. Our customised multi country solutions provide cost-effective, coordinated and strategic group life, accident, disability, group medical and group dental programs on a global basis.


We are proud to be a licensed and regulated member of the Insurance Authority and strictly follow their guidelines and rules to ensure that we not only provide the best advice but also advice that is the most up to date and compliant.

We know that your information is important to you, so we keep extra secure levels of security and controls on our site to ensure that your data is protected.

The feedback from our customers has always been something that has been important to us and helps us learn, grow and ensure that we continue to offer an excellent service.