medical history disregarded insurance

Medical History Disregarded

Understanding what medical history disregarded (MHD) means and how it works is important whenever we are talking about group medical insurance. Not all insurers offer this on their plans and it might not be available for certain organizations.  What is Medical History Disregarded (MHD) Insurance?  Medical History Disregarded (MHD) refers to insurance companies waiving pre-existing conditions of one or more insured members. Typically, …

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what does chronic condition mean

Chronic Condition

What does a chronic condition mean?  Chronic Condition is a sickness, illness or disease which has one of the following characteristics: is recurrent; does not respond well to treatment; requires protracted care; leads to permanent disability.  What can cause a chronic condition?  Unhealthy lifestyle can cause you a chronic illness. For instance, smoking, overuse of alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity …

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private medical insurance full medical underwriting

Full Medical Underwriting

Private Medical Insurance Full Medical Underwriting What is Full Medical Underwriting?  Full Medical Underwriting (FMU health insurance) is a process in which you get to fill out a medical declaration and understand exactly which medical conditions you get coverage for and which ones are not excluded. It is one of the two key underwriting choices offered by most insurers for expats. The other underwriting option is moratorium.  …

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Moratorium Underwriting in Health Insurance

Moratorium Underwriting

Insurance Term of the Week: Moratorium Underwriting What is Moratorium Underwriting?  Moratorium Underwriting in health insurance is a process in which you do not need to fill in a medical declaration but instead join on a plan understanding that if you (or your dependents) have experienced symptoms or been treated for a medical condition in a specific time period prior to joining the plan these conditions …

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Maternity Waiting Period Pregnancy Waiting Period Obstetrics Waiting Period

Maternity Waiting Period

Insurance Term of the Week: Maternity Waiting Period  What is a Maternity Waiting Period?  When buying maternity insurance you will find it will always come with a waiting period. This benefit on your medical insurance plan works quite different than the rest of it where you can usually enjoy your cover from day one of the policy starting.   How does a Maternity Waiting Period …

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