how to support employees with disabilities

How to support employees with disabilities

Although one seventh portion of the world’s population is disabled, they are frequently undervalued and left behind. Hiring and supporting staff with disabilities is important here we have put together important things you need to include for your company to supporting staff members with disabilities:  

1. Provide accessibility in every stage of your hiring procedure 

First, make sure your company’s application forms and job descriptions accessible. For example, perhaps try to make company’s documents in large print, Braille or easy-to-read versions. Besides, make sure all digital documents work perfectly on-screen readers. Use other ways such as telephone interview or video conferencing interview to assist disabled candidates in filling out application forms.  

On open days that your company needs to give a talk to these special candidates, make sure they have easy computer access, audio induction loops or wheelchair accessibility.  

At the end of the day, keep an eye on the results from the application procedure so you can go through your own policies and polish them to ensure they will work out well for future disabled candidates.  

2. Communicate the right thing to your managers      

Share with your team leaders that it is fine to feel intimidated for dealing with disabled teammates for the first time. Also have open discussion with the disabled staff to what kind of support they really need. Make sure the managers do this with all employees not only to disabled ones. 

3. Adjust your workplace environment 

Keep in mind that when changing your workplace arrangements, they need to cater to all employees. Consider offering a silent room with natural lighting, noise-blocking headphones that staff with medical conditions such as autism, ADHD or dyslexia can take it easy in or even consider allowing them to work remotely.  

Apart from modifying your office, consider providing any amenities that are going to simplify commute life of your disabled employees. For example, consider setting up transport or screen readers to enlarge the screen as well as install amplified phones, voice recognition technology or hearing loop systems. Giving them the flexibility to work from home is also a good alternative. 

If you are organizing events outside your company, make sure you always ask whether the venue has accessibility for your disabled staff members. Changing your corporate setting is way less expensive than replacing employees with mobility problems with new recruits. Therefore, always make your disabled staff feel at ease by giving them freedom to request for any further adjustments if need be. 

4. Equally reward your disabled staff 

Never make disabled employees feel like they are people without job opportunities or without any choices at all. Respecting them and treating them the way you treat other staff members in a fair and square approach can really make your company diverse and inclusive. This will consequently transform you as an employer into a talent magnet with cooperative and motivated personnel. 


On the whole, as an employer, it is best to come up with experiences that really meet the needs of all employees including those with disabilities at all times. These experiences include providing accessible offices, offering all amenities for their office commutes, their lunch, coffee breaks and any other type of support they are looking for. They should be experiences that can make them prosperous, not only for the sake of working.  

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