how to cope with going back to work after having a baby

How to cope with going back to work after having a baby

Almost every mother has mixed feelings about getting back to work after having a baby. Sometimes you may regret having to leave your baby at your residence, in other times you might feel both peace of mind and worried at the same time when you hire a babysitter to take care of your baby while you are on your job. Yet perhaps you even feel crossed that your boss offers too little maternity leave.  

With that said, here we have put together some practical tips on how to get over going back to work after having a baby.     

1. Begin at an early stage 

Start thinking about who will be monitoring your baby even before your baby is born is not too early, particularly if you want to use a particular daycare service where you might be in a long queue. 

2. Carefully make a choice on which care service to use 

If you fully trust in your option of who is attending to your baby, returning to work will be much easier. If you leave your baby at a daycare, do ask them if you can stop by and have a look at your baby before your return. In this case, you will feel more comfortable with the people and the place itself. 

3. Do a Trial Run 

It really helps if you practice your routine of getting yourself and baby up and ready a few weeks before you get back to work. Do a trial run to your daycare for either a drop-off of the diapers and other baby items or a full visit of your baby. 

4. Work Part-time 

Try to do a part-time job for the first week or two, if possible. This will help you along with your baby adapt to getting apart and allow you to figure out any irregularities in your timetable. 

5. Keep in Touch with Your Nursery 

Request your nursery to text you pictures of your lovely little one over the entire day. Feel free to check in every single day. Don’t be afraid of using your right as a mom in this case.  

6. Consult a Lactation Expert 

If you need to carry on breastfeeding your baby following your return, it is best to ask a lactation specialist for help if you are concerned about pumping at work and saving up expressed milk.   

7. Notify Your Boss about Pumping 

Do inform your boss about your plans for pumping and if he or she can fulfil anything you need to feed your little one. Your HR department can also help you find a personal spot to do the pumping. 

8. Make a Plan in Advance 

Before you go to bed, you need to make sure everything is ready for the next day. This includes selecting what to wear, preparing your lunchbox and baby items. With this in place, you will feel happier with less burden for your mornings.   

9. Have Your Baby Use a Milk Bottle 

Begin providing your baby a bottle of expressed milk from time to time, to ensure your baby take it. If he won’t do it, step aside and have your husband or someone else try it instead. Continue to offer it on a regular basis until your baby is okay to drink from it. 

10. Omit the Guilt 

Either you make the choice of returning to work or you need to, set yourself free from any feeling of mother wrongdoing. Getting back to work does not make you an unpleasant parent therefore never think that you are. 


On the whole, returning to work after weeks or months of maternity leave can sometimes be challenging. With the advice above, hopefully you can make the difficult transition feel a little more comfortable and easier. 

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