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i-Brokers’ Guide on How to Buy Travel Insurance

What is i-Brokers?

i-Brokers is a licensed insurance broker, partnering with over 200 insurance providers to help expats get access to better insurance coverage. Seeing a lack of clear information and an unwillingness from insurers and brokers to share prices without asking for extensive client information, we formed i-Brokers with transparency in mind. Therefore, you can get a travel insurance quote in seconds! 

Welcome to the i-Brokers online Travel insurance quotation tool tutorial.  

How to buy travel insurance?

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use i-Brokers’ insurance comparison to search, compare and buy Travel insurance plans from many Travel insurers and find the best Travel insurance plan for your specific needs at the right price.  

Step 1. Clicked on the “Travel Insurance” icon to receive instant Travel insurance quotes and get started. 

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i broker

Step 2. Enter the number of people you would like to buy travel insurance for.  With some travel insurers, you will get a family discount if you include your family members in your travel insurance policy. 

Then enter your travel destination which is the primary country in which you would like to receive Travel insurance coverage.  This is important because the travel-related costs of some countries are more expensive than those of others. Hence, the travel insurers will charge higher premiums for those countries accordingly. 

Next, click on the blue “Get Quote” button. 


Step 3. Now select whether your trip is single or annual and choose your country of residence. Type in the start date and end date for your trip. Input your age and gender and the age and gender of the people you are traveling with.  

Once you have finished making your choices on the “Search” page, click on the blue “Get Quote” button. 

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Step 4. This will send you directly to your quotation results page and list all of the available options that you have. 

On this page, you will see a list of results which are compared in terms of which travel insurer provides what benefit and how much they would provide coverage. In addition, for each Travel insurer, you will see their customer rating and monthly premium.  

Once you have decided on which insurer you would like to go with, either click on the “Buy Now” button or “Ask Question about Plan” button.  

You can simply buy travel insurance online in just a few clicks and have all of your policy information email to you and get you covered right away. 

We hope you will now be able to easily use the tool to find a travel insurance plan that both addresses your needs and provides you with excellent value. 

Our advice

If you still have questions, no problem! Contact us here.  

At i-Brokers, we pride ourselves on being transparent with our premiums. This is reflected in our travel insurance comparison tool which allows you to compare a and buy travel insurance in seconds! 82% of customers save money on premiums when comparing insurance with i-Brokers. Can you afford not to? Get a quote immediately here.


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