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China is the third biggest country in the world by land mass and has the largest population at just over 1.33 billion people. Because of the large numbers of people living in the cities they are extremely busy and crowded places that are full of the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

Moving to China can be both exciting and frustrating. Having an opportunity to live side by side with people from this strong and vivid culture provides expats with a vibrant experience that is enriched with an opportunity to learn from people who have a very different perspective on the world.

Health Insurance China

When moving to China, expat health insurance is a key item to research. The healthcare system in China is vast and varies greatly depending on whether you are in a large city or a rural area. With hit-or-miss medical care and unusual procedures that often confuse foreigners, holding an expat health insurance company in China is essential. Help keep expenses down and have access to more reliable care by purchasing expat health insurance while in China.

Hospitals in China vary from state-of-the-art facilities to small public venues with unsafe conditions and dubious care. Doing study before you head to a medical facility is paramount, especially if you are staying in a rural area where health services can be scarce. Public hospitals generally do not accept health insurance in China, but the fees are quite low compared to what you might pay in a Western facility. Waits can be long, though, and depending on the hospital in question, medications and equipment may not be available. Some public hospitals have VIP wards with better access to treatments and higher fees, but issues still arise often for foreigners. Foreign-run hospitals are, in comparison, much more up-to-date, often employ Western doctors educated in more advanced techniques, and accept expat health insurance in China. Fees in these hospitals are quite costly, so if you plan to visit be sure that you understand the cost and whether they will accept your China international health insurance plan. Note Medical Providers in China will not provide treatment until payment in full is made, or adequate medical insurance cover is established.

Travel Insurance China

China has always been rich in history and culture. Today, it has become a business hub as well as a place for where modern lifestyle meets ancient traditions. It’s a good place to visit if you’re planning for an Asian getaway vacation with the best value for your money. Since travelling to China is not without risks, it’s important that you travel with a travel insurance for China trips.

Travelling to China is generally safe. However, accidents still happen. You may suffer from medical emergencies, as well as mishaps and accidents. Good thing, there are plenty of insurance companies that will get you covered whenever you visit China. Insurers can provide coverage for emergencies, personal accidents, medical expenses, and loss of money and personal items. By getting the right insurance policy, you can enjoy the best that China has to offer.

Travel insurance for China: Coverage you need

To make your travel to China as smooth as possible, take out an insurance policy that covers everything you might need when you travel to China. We have listed the items below which we would recommend your plan includes.

Personal Accident & Medical Expenses. With  this type of travel insurance, you get a coverage for both personal accident and medical expenses while you travel.

Travel Inconveniences. This benefit of travel insurance for China covers lost baggage and personal items. Each item can be reimbursed for with some policies so read the details with each insurer. Some policies cover trip cancellation, delays, termination, and even cash outs due to delay. Advance of money and rental vehicles can also be covered.

Emergency Assistance. Emergencies happen though we don’t ask for it. Travel insurance plans for China can cover personal liability. They can also cover almost everything from emergency dental expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation, hospital admission guarantee, ambulance service, medicine delivery, compassionate visit, care for unattended minor, and sports cover.

Life insurance china

Life Insurance is something that is sometimes forgotten.  But before investing your family’s money, you first must cover the downside risks.  Few things are more down than an unexpected death.  We have written on life insurance before, on how much coverage you should consider, but we thought it is worth having a look at the relative cost of a few example providers and giving a quick explanation of the differences.

Chinese insurance, from an expatriate perspective suffers from a couple of weaknesses.  It needs to be in RMB, which isn’t likely to be the currency your wife/family will need, it is hard to impossible to find coverage for more than 2 million RMB and it is far more expensive than other options.  At least 40-60% more expensive and it is also usually written on an annual renewal basis.  This means if you get sick in December your insurance company might decide not to offer you coverage in January when you renew.  That’s not much of a safety net.

Overseas based insurance is often the better option for most expatriates as they can cover them almost regardless of where they live. It can be cost competitive as the following table shows.