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Best worksite wellness programs for SMEs and startups

Employees spend at least 8 hours a day at a workplace. As an employer, it is sensible to encourage workplace well-being initiatives which benefit the mental health and the productivity of your employees as well as improve their work-life balance. 

One of the ways to recruit and retain talented personnel for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate giants alike is to implement various workplace wellness programs for long-term development and growth of your human capital, which in turn will drive your company into the kind of success you have been aiming for.

Here are some best worksite wellness programs your company can carry out.

worksite wellness program

Yoga and Meditation 

The most essential aspect of holding yoga classes is the space to make it happen. Many firms are using their conference halls or rooms where employees take a break to set up yoga sessions for staff members. At i-Brokers, we collaborate with the Hive team to provide staff with yoga and meditation classes every week at the rooftop of the building where we are based.  

Employees at SMEs and startups frequently need to handle tight deadlines and work overtime, so they can sometimes stress out. This is where a worksite wellness program like yoga and meditation come in handy and can relieve their stress and better their mental health.    

worksite wellness program examples

Paramedical services 

Another good worksite wellness program that you can carry out is to provide your team members with paramedical services like nursing, emergency first aid, physical therapy or massage therapy is a great way to make your team feel secure, relaxed, calm and inspired. Better well-being of your employees is likely to have positive impact on the productivity of your team members. 

Lunch and snack program 

More and more technology startups all over the world are increasingly providing free lunch and snacks with their employees, following the footsteps of corporate giants like Google and Facebook.  

Encouraging healthy eating lifestyle in your company will better the physical health of everyone in the workplace. Also, healthy and communal eating worksite wellness programs such as the Hive’s Members Lunch are a good approach to strengthen the relationships among your employees from different teams. In a co-working space like The Hive, team members from different companies can connect and mingle with one another during the Hive’s Members Lunch.   


On the whole, as an SME and startup employer, providing your staff with the best worksite wellness programs above are some of the best ways to take your employees’ health and wellness to the next level although they are merely one side of the entire coin. The remaining key components that your company also needs to consider is to promote employee recognition, employee involvement and provide additional perks to dependents (such as spouses, kids and parents) of your outstanding, eligible team members as well. These elements are very important to the overall health and well-being of your team members.  

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