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VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group (VUMI®) is an international health insurance company offering exclusive major medical
insurance products and VIP medical services to private and corporate clients worldwide.

VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group, Ltd. (VUMI®) is registered in the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI), a British Overseas Territory controlled and regulated by the United Kingdom.

TCI has a strong legal system based on English common law and insurance legislation that provides the flexibility to accommodate the
clients’ needs and is backed by the protection of a secure government that is highly regulated and supported by the United Kingdom.

VUMI® is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The insurance operation for this region is managed by VUMI® Global Services FZ-LLC from its offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

VUMI® Global Services FZ-LLC serves as an operational hub for the Middle Eastern, African and Asian regions, and is part
of VUMI’s accelerated global expansion goal. The offices are managed by David T. Youssef and Mark Dickinson, two industry leaders with proven track records and vast knowledge of the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market.  

VUMI® Global Plans Competitive Advantages

• VUMI® is a registered healthcare insurance company subject to strict regulations of the TCI which is based on UK common Law.

• VUMI® is privately owned and a debt-free healthcare insurance company

• Over 35 years of experience in the healthcare management industry

• Plans are competitive and benefit-rich

• Worldwide medical assistance service with multilanguage capabilities 24/7

• Flexibility of products in terms of benefits, multiple risk management options and geographical scope of coverage

• Ability to accept both local nationals and expats

• Second Medical Opinion® services included within all plans

• State of the art technology that allows members to manage their own plans online via an app or portal

• Open network in the United States of America.

• Access to an extensive global network of healthcare
providers with direct billing

• Expert staff with 275 employees of various
nationalities and with multilanguage capabilities

Broker Care

• Access to a wide range of marketing materials available free of charge.

Online training via VUMI’s online learning platform VUMILAB®

High caliber incentives

A team that is service oriented and will be there for
you and your insureds.


VUMI Global Flex VIP Plans

Global Flex VIP Basic

The company’s most affordable plan provides coverage
for inpatient and day-patient treatment and emergency evacuation.

Global Flex
VIP Standard

An affordable plan which includes outpatient coverage.

Global Flex VIP Superior

This plan includes maternity and generally higher plan limits than VIP Standard.

Global Flex VIP Ultra

This plan includes maternity, dental and generally higher plan limits than VIP Superior.

Global Flex VIP Total

This plan includes IVF, laser eye surgery, maternity, dental and generally higher plan limits.

Compulsory Group Plans

To provide extra flexibility, corporate clients are offered
the following features:

• Medical History Disregarded (MHD)

Medical History Disregarded is available for compulsory
group policies of 10 employees or more, subject to an additional premium. MHD
will be considered for compulsory for groups of 5 employees or more on a case-by-case
basis; subject to the completion of individual health declarations and
acceptance by the underwriters.

• Global Flex VIP Standard

For compulsory group policies of 5 employees or more, both
dental and / or maternity coverage can be added to the plan for an additional premium.

• Global Flex VIP Superior

• For compulsory group policies of 5 employees or more,
dental can be added to the plan for an additional premium.

Compulsory Underwriting Rules for Groups

• Minimum of 3 employees to form a group

• Groups of 3-9 employees can either be accepted on a
Fully Medically Underwritten (FMU) or Continuous Transfer Terms (CTT) basis.
Medical History Disregarded (MHD) will be considered on a case-by-case basis
for groups of 5-9 employees

• Groups of 10-49 employees can either be accepted on a
Fully Medically Underwritten (FMU), Continuous Transfer Terms (CTT) or Medical
History Disregarded (MHD) basis

• Groups of 3-49 employees will be community rated.
Groups of 50 employees or more will be reviewed on a blended methodology, based
on the group size (combination of community rating versus claims experience

Useful Info

MyVUMI™ App and Portal

MyVUMI™ is an online portal where VUMI® insureds can view information about their plan, have 24/7 access to their policy documents,
get a digital copy of their membership card, send medical notifications or claims invoices and contact VUMI® directly. To access MyVUMI™, insureds can visit www.myvumiportal.com. MyVUMI™ is also available as a mobile app accessible through Google PlayTM or the Apple® App Store ®.

Second Medical Opinion VIP®

VUMI, in association with MediGuide, provides the Second Medical Opinion VIP®, giving all their insureds access to the opinion of
top medical experts. These respected physicians will help you better understand your medical condition and also find the best treatment options available – all from the comfort of your home.

Second Medical Opinion VIP® selects the hospital recognized as the leading treatment provider for each specific diagnosis. The second opinion is performed by a panel of medical experts gathered by this provider to ensure all aspects are considered and debated before they form a conclusive qualified opinion on both the diagnosis and the recommended treatment.

VUMI strongly believes an increased number of expert eyes on a case will result in a better outcome for the insured. This service is
part of our promise to guarantee peace of mind and VIP service to all our policyholders.

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