Morgan Price

Morgan Price specialize in providing high quality international health insurance plans to expatriates in Hong Kong and throughout the rest of the world.


Morgan Price is an international health insurance company that has been providing expatriates in Hong Kong and all over the world with high quality expat health insurance plans for over 21 years.

Being based in London as Morgan Price London, it also has international offices and does international insurance business in many countries, namely, Morgan Price International Healthcare Dubai (also known as Morgan Price Dubai), Morgan Price International Healthcare Bahrain, Morgan Price South Africa, Morgan Price Kenya, Morgan Price Thailand, just to mention a few examples.

Underwritten by Aria Insurance, Morgan Price International Health Insurance are an insurance provider that offers attractive premiums and benefits. Expatriates throughout the world can use Morgan Price medical insurance policies in any medical facility anywhere in the world thanks to Morgan Price’s solid, global network of medical providers. Insurance plans can be moratorium and have a selection of payment frequencies and methods. An example of insurance benefit from Morgan Price that is popular with expatriates living in Asia is Morgan Price chiropractor benefit.


Morgan Price has a great range of plans which are very competitively priced in terms of both benefits and premium. The insurance plan options available are Morgan Price Evolution Standard, Morgan Price Evolution Standard Plus, Morgan Price Evolution Comprehensive, Morgan Price Evolution Premium and Morgan Price Evolution Elite.

Morgan Price Evolution Standard

The Standard plans cover 100% accident and emergency room treatment, rehabilitation care, local ambulance services, in-patient chronic condition benefit, cancer treatment, outpatient minor surgery where no hospitalization is required and hospice care treatment. Aside from these, they provide full cover for emergency dental treatment, emergency medical transportation, companion travel costs, medical assistance costs, repatriation of the deceased and home country evacuation. They have limited outpatient cover.

They do not cover the following benefits:

• In-patient psychiatric treatment

• Kidney dialysis benefit

• Organ implantation benefit

• Day-patient psychiatric cover

• All maternity benefits

• All wellness benefits except USD 50 cover for wellness screening

• All dental treatment benefits except emergency dental treatment

• Companion accommodation costs under the medical evacuation and repatriation benefits

Morgan Price Evolution Standard Plus

Besides what the Standard plans cover, the Standard Plus plans additionally provide expatriates with the following coverage items:

• In-patient psychiatric treatment

• Organ implantation benefit

• Day-patient psychiatric cover

They cover almost all outpatient benefits. The outpatient benefit that they still do not provide medical coverage for hormone replacement therapy, HIV and AIDS treatment.

When it comes to wellness benefits, they still do not cover optical benefit, vision benefit, laser eye benefit, hearing test benefit, hearing aid benefit.

For the coverage of dental treatment benefits, it is exactly the same as the Standard plans.

For maternity benefits, they cover only USD 2,500 for complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

In addition to the Standard plans’ coverage, with the Standard Plus plans, expatriates’ companion accommodation costs are covered at USD 100 with a maximum 10 nights per event for medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.

Morgan Price Evolution Comprehensive

On top of what the Standard Plus plans already cover, the Comprehensive plans further offer HIV and AIDS treatment, laser eye benefit and extraction of wisdom teeth benefit. Notably, the Comprehensive plans’ coverage amount for complications of pregnancy and childbirth quadruples that of the Standard Plus plans.

Morgan Price Evolution Premium

The Premium plans are superior to the Comprehensive plans in terms of higher coverage amount for organ implantation benefit, outpatient benefits, HIV and AID treatment benefit, some wellness benefits, some dental treatment benefits and many maternity benefits. The Premium plans’ amount of cover for out of area treatment benefit is also larger than the Comprehensive plans.

Morgan Price Evolution Elite

The Elite plans’ amount of cover for both inpatient and outpatient benefits are even further higher than the Premium plans. The only benefit that the Premium plans do not provide medical coverage for but the Elite plans do is convalescence cash benefit payable for each complete week of confinement to home.

Useful Info

On the whole, the Morgan Price Evolution Health allows access to a wide range of quality membership services from Morgan Price. As a Morgan Price Evolution Health member, you will be treated to the following perks:

• 24/7/365 emergency multilingual helpline access

• Automatic membership in the Blood Care Foundation

• Access to state-of-the-art claims processing by Morgan Price’s service partners