A premier name in health insurance Cigna have an excellent range of policies that can suit everyone. Hospitalization cover and outpatient insurance are covered with rich benefits.

About Cigna Global

Cigna Global is a part of The Cigna Group, a global health service company with a mission to improve the health, well-being, and peace of mind of those they serve. With roots dating back over 200 years, Cigna has evolved from being the first marine insurance company in the United States to a leader in the healthcare industry.

Cigna looks after a vast number of people who entrust their health and wellbeing with them utilizing an extensive international workforce of 74,000 people, plus a medical network comprising of over 1.65 million partnerships, including 175,000 mental and behavioral health care providers, and 14,000 facilities and clinics. Today, Cigna claim to have over 160 million customer relationships in over 200 countries and territories.

Cigna use their scale to deliver choice, predictability, affordability, and access to quality care for their customers. Cigna Global specialize in international health insurance for globally mobile individuals and are dedicated to helping their customers better manage their overall health and wellbeing by ensuring customers have quality care available as and when the need may arise, allowing them to focus on what matters most, their recovery. The company’s international health insurance plans are designed to offer comprehensive coverage for individuals, families, and employers, catering to a diverse clientele that includes expatriates, global travelers, and multinational organizations.

International medical insurance provided by Cigna covers inpatient, outpatient and accommodation costs, as well as cover for cancer, psychiatric care and much more. Members with Cigna have the choice of a core plan (Silver to Platinum). You are then able to add modules of cover like dental, emergency evacuation and repatriation, maternity insurance and deductibles to suit your requirements and budget needs.

Cigna Health Insurance Plans

Cigna Global Health Options

The Global Health Options program offer a wide range of coverage modules, deductibles and co-payment options which allows prospective clients to tailor the coverage and premium to suit their protection needs and budget. Cigna is a premium insurer which may be seen in their rates but it should also be remembered that premium insurer also means premium coverage and protection.

Cigna Global Health Options plans provide extensive core coverage, including inpatient and day-patient care, as well as optional modules for outpatient care, wellness, dental, and vision services. These plans are available in three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each offering different levels of annual coverage limits. Clients benefit from access to a vast network of healthcare providers worldwide and 24/7 emergency assistance, ensuring quality care wherever they are.

Core Coverage Plans

Cigna Global Health Options plans start with a core International Medical Insurance plan, available in three tiers:

  • Silver: Up to $1,000,000 annual limit
  • Gold: Up to $2,000,000 annual limit
  • Platinum: Paid in full with no annual limit

These core plans cover essential inpatient and day-patient treatments, including hospital stays, surgery, cancer care, mental and behavioral health care, and emergency dental treatment.

Cigna Global Health Table of Benefits

Coverage Limits for Each plan can be seen below ūüĒĹ

Cigna Global Health Options


Optional Modules

To enhance your coverage, you can add various optional modules:

cigna optional modules

Key features of Cigna Global Health Options 

  • Global Network: Access to over 2.2 million healthcare providers worldwide, including hospitals, clinics, and doctors.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Multilingual customer care team available 24/7 to assist with medical and policy-related inquiries.
  • Flexibility: Plans can be customized with various deductible and cost share options to suit individual budgets and needs.
  • Whole Health Services: Includes chronic condition management, case management, and global telehealth services for non-emergency health issues.
  • Preventive Care: Coverage for preventive treatments and screenings to maintain overall health and well-being.
  • No maximum age limit once accepted.
  • Coverage for chronic and pre-existing conditions.

For more information, please visit Cigna Global.

Cigna Deductible options

Cigna Global Health Options plans offer a variety of deductible options, allowing policyholders to tailor their premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

The deductible is the amount a policyholder must pay out-of-pocket before the insurance plan begins to cover medical expenses. Higher deductibles typically result in lower monthly premiums, making the plan more affordable, while lower deductibles result in higher premiums but reduce out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatments.

Policyholders can choose from several deductible levels, ranging from $0 to $10,000, in their preferred currency (USD, EUR, GBP). The deductible applies to different aspects of the plan, including International Medical Insurance and optional modules like International Outpatient. Additionally, the cost share percentage, which is the portion of medical costs the policyholder pays after the deductible is met, can be adjusted from 0% to 30%. An out-of-pocket maximum is also established to cap the total amount a policyholder pays annually, providing financial protection against high medical costs.

By selecting appropriate deductibles and cost share options, policyholders can customize their health insurance plan to balance their healthcare needs and budget constraints effectively.

cigna deductible


Cigna Close Care

The Cigna Close CareSM Plan is designed to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage for individuals residing in their country of habitual residence and their country of nationality. This means you only pay for coverage where you need it most, in the country you will be living and when you return home for temporary visits. These temporary visits may not exceed 180 days per period of cover, and the country of nationality must be within the area of coverage. 

This plan is perfect for those who want focused, localized healthcare coverage with the flexibility of global emergency assistance. It is a more affordable option to the Global Health Options Plan. 

Here’s a detailed description of the Cigna Close Care plan’s features and benefits:

Cigna Close Care Table of Benefits 

Core Coverage

  • Inpatient and Daypatient Benefits: Full coverage for hospital stays, surgeries, nursing care, prescription drugs, and intensive care. Includes coverage for rehabilitation and post-hospitalization care.
  • Cancer Treatment: Comprehensive cancer care including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncology consultations, and related medications.
  • Mental Health Care: Coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health services up to specified limits.
  • Emergency Inpatient Dental Treatment: Coverage for dental treatment following accidents, when hospitalization is required.

cigna close care

Optional Modules

These can be added on to your cover if required. 

  1. Outpatient and Wellness Care:

    • Consultations with Medical Practitioners and Specialists: Coverage for visits to general practitioners and specialists for diagnostics and treatment.
    • Prescribed Drugs and Dressings: Coverage for medications prescribed during outpatient visits.
    • Physiotherapy: Coverage for physical therapy sessions when prescribed by a doctor.
    • Preventive Care: Routine adult physical examinations, vaccinations, and screenings for various types of cancer.
  2. Dental Care and Treatment:

    • Preventive Dental Treatment: Regular dental check-ups, cleanings, and preventive care after an initial waiting period.
    • Routine Dental Treatment: Coverage for treatments like fillings, root canals, and extractions.
    • Major Restorative Dental Treatment: Coverage for significant dental work such as crowns, bridges, and dentures after an initial waiting period.

Cigna Claims Process

Cigna offers a streamlined claims process to ensure that policyholders can easily submit and track their claims. The process includes:

  1. Online Submission: Policyholders can submit claims through the Cigna website or mobile app.
  2. Documentation: Required documents can be uploaded directly online, making the process swift and paperless.
  3. Direct Billing: In many cases, Cigna settles bills directly with healthcare providers, reducing out-of-pocket expenses for members.

Cigna WellbeingTM App

The Cigna WellbeingTM app provides a range of features to support the health and wellness of policyholders:

  1. Telehealth Services: Access to medical professionals for non-emergency health issues through virtual consultations.
  2. Health Risk Assessments: Tools to assess health risks and receive personalized wellness advice.
  3. Wellness Coaching: Access to fitness, nutrition, and mental health coaching to support overall well-being.
  4. Prescription Management: Manage and refill prescriptions easily.

Web Portal

Cigna’s web portal offers a user-friendly interface for managing health insurance plans:

  1. Plan Information: Detailed information about coverage, benefits, and policy details.
  2. Claim Tracking: Real-time tracking of claim status and history.
  3. Provider Search: Tools to locate healthcare providers within Cigna’s global network.
  4. Personal Health Records: Secure storage and access to personal health records.

These digital tools and processes ensure that Cigna policyholders have convenient, efficient, and comprehensive access to their health insurance services, enhancing their overall healthcare experience. For more information, visit Cigna Global.

Cigna Claims



Useful Information

Medical Second Opinion Service

Cigna also provides customers with access to speak with a doctor or nurse. This can offer a second opinion service or simple reassurance to our customers at what can often be a sensitive and potentially emotional time. Included within this service may be an independent view on their diagnosis or treatment plan.

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