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expat guide to egypt healthcare system

An Expat Guide to Healthcare in Egypt 

Whether you would like to spend your expat life in Cairo, Alexandria or Hurghada in Egypthealthcare in any Egyptian cities is sometimes taken for granted. Medical costs can vary across Egypt, therefore here we have put together an expat guide to Egypt when it comes to effectively using the country’s medical system. 

Public Healthcare in Egypt 

Despite the government’s attempt at reforming the public healthcare system in Egypt, the public hospitals still have poor quality and do not live up to the Western standard that expatriates are looking for. Even a large number of local Egyptians do not often use the public healthcare system themselves because of its obsolete medical facilities, long waiting times for treatment, insufficient levels of personnel training and sewage disposal. As a result expats in Egypt are more likely to turn to the country’s private hospitals for care instead. 

Private Healthcare in Egypt 

In Egypt, private hospitals are of a much higher quality compared to the public system. The staff at private healthcare providers are good at speaking English and are able to cater to the specific medical requirements of expats. 

Cash payment for appointments and procedures is required at some private facilities. Medical insurance can be used and is widely accepted and my will help support you with claiming. In Egypt, you are advised to ask for receipts and other necessary paperwork to ensure reimbursement by health insurance providers sometime this can be emailed to you rather than being issued a hard copy. 

Cost of Medical Treatment in Egypt 

Medical treatment in Egypt is less costly than that in Europethe U.S and some other countries in the Middle East.   

According to World Bank, even though more than half of the population has access to some form of health insurance, nearly three fourths of all medical costs are paid out of pocket. 

Cities with the most expensive costs of medical treatment are Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada. 

Inpatient Care 

Having been globally ranked at 1542As-Salam International Hospital in Cairo caters to a large percentage of international patients and is popular with expatriates in Egypt. Additionally, Dar Al Fouad Hospital in Cairo is one of the best private hospitals in Egypt and the Middle East. It has expertise in cardiology. AKawthar Hospital Hurghada in Red Sea is also an excellent choice when it comes to superb inpatient care services in Egypt. 

Emergency Numbers in Egypt 

As an expatriate in Egypt, you are supposed to call 123 for ambulance when you are in a case of emergency. As streets in Egypt are typically in traffic jam, ambulance services find it difficult to arrive at the emergency scene punctually. It is perhaps best to set up personal transport to a nearby private hospital. Alternatively, you can contact the hospital and ask for an ambulance. 

Medical Evacuation in Egypt 

Just in case you are in a specific location of Egypt where medical treatment is unavailable for your serious illness or severe injury, perhaps consider including medical evacuation (medevac) benefit on your international health insurance policy during your expat life in Egypt.  

Dental Care 

Many dentists in Egypt are fluent with English speaking as some of them have been internationally trained and graduated from Western universities. 

Popular dental clinics in Egypt include Helio Dental Clinic in Cairo, Dr. Bassem Samir Dental Clinic in Cairo and Dental Derma Dreams clinic in Alexandria.  

Egypt Dentist Prices 

Living in Egypt as an expat might, at one point, make you wonder “What is the cost of dental implants in Egypt and all the rest of dental treatment cost in the country?” Obviously, they cost much less than those in the U.S. and some other Western countries. Here we have provided you with a table that indicates average costs of various types of dental procedures done in dental clinics across Egypt. 

Dental Procedure 

Average Cost 

Dental Braces 

USD 1229 

Dental Bridge 

USD 322 

Dental Crown 

USD 170 

Dental Implant 

USD 565 


USD 625 

Teeth Whitening 

USD 206 

Tooth Extraction 

USD 37 

Tooth Filling 

USD 44 

Dental Veneers 

USD 194 

Dental Consultation 

USD 10 

Expat Health Insurance Egypt  

There are two principal kinds of health insurance in Egypt, namely, international health insurance and local medical insurance. International medical insurance is typically more popular with expatriates residing in Egypt due to its more comprehensive coverage including its greater flexibility and portability when compared to the local one. 

Our Advice 

It is always important to learn where hospitals, medical clinics and dental providers are situated and also how much their medical costs are. If you are in a rural location of Egypt where medical treatment is fairly unavailable, you may need medevac (medical evacuation) cover for your international medical insurance plan because it is a benefit that we find popular with residents in Egypt where medical amenities are limited in some areas.