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City News Service unveiled for expats in Shanghai

With guidance from the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Daily has launched City News Service, a new platform established in order to provide information to the city’s expat population to help simplify the process of acclimatising to and navigating through life in Shanghai. 

How will City News Service impact expats in Shanghai? 

City News Service is an official news and service platform to provide Shanghai’s expat community with the latest information about the city, including local news, official policies and a lifestyle guide, helping expats as they acclimatise to the Shanghai environment and culture around them. 

City News Service can be accessed via the website address http://www.citynewsservice.cn or its official WeChat account, City News Service. 

The platform will expand its services to the Yangtze River Delta region in the future to facilitate more expatriates in China. 

“Shanghai Let’s Meet,” the city’s official overseas media accounts, also posted the first tweet on Facebook and Twitter, with Jinbao, the panda mascot of the China International Import Expo, to introduce Shanghai in a better way. 

The Shanghai authorities hope the new digital initiatives will bring better services to and more interactions with the expat community, making the city more attractive to both newcomers and old friends. 

Shanghai is home to over 800 multinational companies’ regional headquarters and more than 500 expat-funded research and development centers. It has attracted a large number of expatriates to work and live in the city. 

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