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We are a corporate insurance and global employee benefits specialist, helping to make insurance simple. We love servicing and supporting our clients in many different sectors and industries all across the world.

About i-Brokers

We are an international insurance comparison website aimed at giving Expats a one stop shop to search, compare and buy insurance. We formed to supply our users with the best possible online service along with giving the widest choice of plans and the best premiums anywhere.

We are dedicated in our mission to provide the best possible products at the best possible price wrapped up in an easy and simple online customer experience. We bring insurance solutions to the international market, including medical insurance, life insurance and travel insurance as well as tailored corporate insurance plans for a range of businesses.

We pride ourselves on being independent and working with the largest choice of insurers and providers. This firmly puts the power in the hand of our customers so that they can ensure that they have access to the best deal whatever type of cover they are looking for.


We aim to maintain a reputation of offering high customer satisfaction levels as well as sound regulated advice. This approach is something which is at the core of everything we do and has lead to us being able to work with the largest insurers in the world and secure exclusive deals for our customers.

We are proud to support Expats in well over 120 countries around the world from a range of different nationalities and backgrounds. We are well placed to provide this community with unrivalled customer-centric support that Expats have come to expect.

Whether you are moving to a new country and need cover, want to compare cover or simply want to get quotes online, we will have an insurance plan just for you.

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We are proud to be a licensed and regulated member of the Insurance Authority and strictly follow their guidelines and rules to ensure that we not only provide the best advice but also advice that is the most up to date and compliant.

We know that your information is important to you, so we keep extra secure levels of security and controls on our site to ensure that your data is protected.

The feedback from our customers has always been something that has been important to us and helps us learn, grow and ensure that we continue to offer an excellent service.