wellness benefits on health insurance

Your Guide to Wellbeing Benefits on Your Medical Insurance

Wellness benefits on your health insurance plan include routine medical checks at the most basic level. Routine health examination refers to tests and screening performed when no medical symptoms of illness are present. They are used as a preventative and early warning mechanism to promote and encourage good health. 

Generally speaking, wellness benefits (also known as wellbeing benefits) on your medical insurance policy vary from insurer to insurer. Some medical insurance providers include vaccination, optical and vision benefits whereas others display them separately.  

Here we have put together an infographic that compares all of our medical insurance partners with the best wellness benefits ranked by the amount of coverage in USD. 

Both April with their Elite plan and PassportCard with the Premium plan have the highest benefit amount of USD 2,000. Also, there is no waiting period for them. 

In contrast, with Expacare’s Choices plan, ALC’s Prima Platinum plan, Now Health’s WorldCare Apex plan and Aetna’s Pioneer 5000 plus, you will not get reimbursed immediately for your wellness costs. There is a waiting period for each of these insurers.  

April International 

There is no waiting period for April International’s Elite wellness plan. Its amount of coverage is USD 2,000 which includes medical checkup packages or standalone tests or scans which are conducted in the absence of a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis. No referral is required. 

Moreover, it covers vaccinations (cost of vaccination only. Associated GP consult covered under consultation benefit). No referral is required. 


There is no waiting period for PassportCard’s Premium wellness plan. It covers up to USD 2,000 for health checks for adults and up to USD 1000 for vaccinations and immunization for adults. 


There is a 10-month waiting period for ALC’s Prima Platinum wellness plan.  

The coverage amount of USD 1,500 includes the following benefits: 

Routine Health Checks 

Tests/screenings, including the following, for the early detection of illness or disease: 

• Vital signs (blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse, respiration, temperature etc) 

• Cardiovascular examination 

• Neurological examination 

• Cancer screening 


There is a 12-month waiting period for Expacare’s Choices wellness plan which is only available to insured members over the age of 18.  

The coverage amount of USD 1,275 includes one medical examination per certificate period. 


There is no waiting period for VUMI’s Global Flex VIP Total wellness plan. The coverage amount is USD 1,000. 


There is no waiting period for Aetna’s Pioneer 5000 Plus wellness plan. The coverage amount of USD 1,000 includes routine health checks. 

Now Health 

There is a 6-month waiting period for Now Health’s WorldCare Apex wellness plan. The coverage amount of USD 1,000 includes wellness, optical and vaccinations. 


There is no waiting period for Axa’s Prestige Plus plan. The benefit amount for wellness cover is up to USD 640 each year towards a health check for each member on the policy. 


There is no waiting period for Cigna’s Platinum plan. The benefit amount for routine adult physical examinations is up to USD 600 per beneficiary per period of cover. Cigna will pay for routine adult physical examinations (including but not limited to: height, weight, bloods, urinalysis, blood pressure, lung function etc.), for persons aged 18 years or older. 


There is a 12-month waiting period for IMG’s Gold Plus wellness plan. The coverage amount of USD 250 includes health check for adults, hearing test, sight test and vaccinations. 


On the whole, it is important to firstly understand which wellbeing benefits are included by each health insurer. Secondly, you need to know which wellness benefits meet your medical requirements and finally benchmark a health insurer to the rest of the market to discover the medical insurance plan that best suits your wellness needs and those of your loved ones.