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21 Feb 2019

Skiing Insurance, What’s Actually Covered?


This is a really important topic for people who ski and snowboard as every year it is estimated that there is over one million claims relating to this specific area on travel insurance plans alone which is a pretty incredible statistic!


To have skiing insurance included on your policy you will need winter sports cover or adventure sports cover depending on the insurer. These activities are generally a bit more dangerous and might require special provisions such as cover for the cost of being helicoptered off a mountain side if you’re injured which can become very costly. These plans can also include cover for expensive specialist equipment such as skis and snowboards and accessories.


Single trip skiing travel insurance is available for short trips while winter sports cover is also available on annual multi-trip, long stay and gap year policies. If you go on holiday more than once a year and one of these trips is a skiing trip then an annual policy would be the best rout to o down.


Winter Sports Insurance is ideal for skiers and snowboarders, giving you peace of mind whilst on the mountains and slopes. Skiing insurance and snowboarding insurance is important to get on your travel insurance if you are taking part in these activities so ensure that your travel insurance policy cover this at it is not always a standard benefit on policies. This means with some travel insurance plans if you are injured while skiing or snowboarding you will not be covered.


You can get specific winter sports travel insurance plans which cover loss or damage to your ski equipment or ski pass and if your equipment is lost by your carrier you can hire replacements. There is also a daily benefit if you are unable to ski as a result of extreme weather conditions or piste closure due to lack of snow with some insurers.


So what type of benefits are typically included with winter sports activities:


Skiing/Snow boarding - on & off piste

Ice Skating


Glacier skiing/walking

Snow mobiling (skidoo)

Husky dog sledding


This can vary from insurer to insurer so for information on all winter sports activities covered, refer to the travel insurance policy wording of your provider or ask a travel insurance specialist at i-Brokers.


So which is the best provider to pick for skiing insurance or snowboarding insurance?


Bupa’s policy hands down has the most comprehensive benefit on the market when it comes to covering winter sports which is the category on travel insurance plans which skiing and snowboarding fall under. The medical component of their plan is unlimited which is fantastic. As a policy holder this means that if something goes seriously wrong while you are on the slopes you’re going to be covered no matter how expensive those medical bills become. Additionally to this you would be covered for any emergency evacuation costs which is a real plus as very often off piste skiing by nature is in some very remote areas and miles away from adequate medical care.


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