As one of the oldest medical insurance providers in existence Bupa have a long history of providing comprehensive cover and a proven track record on servicing. Get Bupa quotes online and see what health insurance policy they have will best match your needs.


Bupa is a specialist provider of medical insurance. It provides cover and services to clients in over 190 countries. Founded in 1947, Bupa is one of the oldest medical insurers anywhere in the world. They operate in markets worldwide and provide health insurance cover to both corporate and individual clients.


Bupa has its Asia headquarters in Hong Kong, which has allowed local servicing to be conducted in the region. The result of this has meant that the on the ground servicing team are able to deal with a host of your questions and claims.


Bupa have a long standing reputation of providing expat medical insurance through their Bupa International plan and also through Bupa IHI. Both propositions have an array of benefits that satisfy the needs of expats the world over.


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