how to keep your ears healthy

How to keep your ears healthy and clean

How do you keep your ears clean and healthy? 

We use our ears to listen to sounds and voices on a daily basis. They help us with our communication, inform us about the environment and allow us to have fun with our favorite music. However, when you lose the ability to hear, it can be unlikely to get it back to normal. As a consequence, doing everything you need to protect and attend to our ears is crucial.  

Here we have put together 5 ways to keep your ears healthy and clean

ways to keep your ears healthy

1. Keep your ears dry after swimming 

Get a cloth to wipe the exterior of your ear and tilt your head to get rid of any remaining water. 

2. Beware of the use of certain medicines 

When you use take certain medicines and if you notice any changes such as balance issues or ringing in your ears, you need to contact your ear doctor immediately. 

3. Take regular breaks from using your headphones 

You need to take breaks once in a while after using your headphones and make sure the volume is in the level that no one else surrounding you can hear your music. Avoid increasing the volume in your car’s audio system up too excessively to prevent eardrum damage. 

4. Wear protective headgear or earplugs 

When you are in a loud environment or near such surroundings such as a construction site or a loud nightclub or a loud concert, do wear earplugs or protective headgear to prevent injury to your eardrum.  

5. Avoid inserting small objects into your ears 

Never put any objects that are smaller than your elbow inside of your ear canal to prevent wax impaction or eardrum injury.   

keep your ears healthy


On the whole, there is no one size fits all rule for the frequency of cleaning your ears. Cleaning your ears is healthy as long as you clean them once a week or two weeks for the typical ear. If you are aware that you have much wax then twice or thrice a week or two weeks would be more suitable.  

Keep in mind that if your ears feel uncomfortable or hot inside, immediately make an appointment with your ear doctor (audiologist) to talk about ear cleaning and treatment. 

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