China Public Holidays 2021

China Public Holidays 2021

Public Holidays China 2021 

As an expat adjusting to the new some new and interesting public holidays can be part of the charm when living overseas.  

Here we have prepared a list of all public holidays observed in China in 2021 to help you plan your year ahead. Here’s to a much brighter 2021. 

Date Day Public Holiday 
1 Jan to 3 Jan Friday to Sunday New Year Holiday 
11 Feb to 17 Feb Thursday to Wednesday Spring Festival 
3 Apr to 5 Apr Saturday to Monday Ching Ming Festival 
1 May to 5 May Saturday to Wednesday Labour Day Holiday 
12 Jun to 14 Jun Saturday to Monday Dragon Boat Festival 
19 Sep to 21 Sep Sunday to Tuesday Mid-Autumn Festival 
1 Oct to 7 Oct Friday to Thursday National Day Holiday 

China’s State Council also announces public holidays for particular groups of people. 

Date Day Public Holiday 
8-Mar Monday International Women’s Day * 
4-May Tuesday Youth Day * 
1-Jun Tuesday Children’s Day * 
1-Aug Sunday Army Day * 

* Note: 

* International Women’s Day is observed for half day by women only. 

* Youth Day is observed for half day by youths between age 14 to 28. 

* Children’s Day is observed for a full day by children below age 14. 

* Army Day is observed for half day by military personnel in active service. 


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