How To Keep Healthy While Working From Home

04 May 2020
As the spread of COVID-19 continues, working from home has become the new normal for many people. Working remotely provides us with both pros and cons as we all come to terms with a different way in which we work. Some employees say that they enjoy the convenience and comfort of working from home. However, others argue that remote working ruins our physical, social and emotional well-being. Here we have put together a practical guide on staying happy, healthy and productive while you are working from home.
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Your Guide to Term Life Insurance

05 Feb 2020
Would you like to financially protect your family and pay off the remaining debts in case you are gone prematurely? We have put together a practical guide on the ins and outs of term life insurance and how it helps your family members continue their lifestyle you desire.
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An Expat Manual to Healthcare in Cambodia

29 Jan 2020
The thought of settling in Cambodia can be an exciting one and there are many things to consider including what the healthcare system is like. The health system in Cambodia is something that every Expat needs to be aware of, so here are some important tips on using the medical system in the Land of the Khmer.
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An Expat Checklist for Medical Care in Vietnam

22 Jan 2020
Whether you plan to live in Vietnam or work, being well-informed about the medical care situations is crucial. There are various levels of healthcare costs throughout the country so we have put together a practical guide on using Vietnam’s healthcare system.
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An Expat Guide to Healthcare in China

17 Jan 2020
As an Expat If you intend to work or even live for an extended period in China, having good knowledge of the healthcare environment is really important. Medical costs vary greatly across China so we have put together a useful checklist on what to expect when it comes to the medical system in the Land of the Red Dragon!
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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your Group Medical Insurance

06 Nov 2019
Providing a comprehensive benefits package to employees can be one of the best ways to entice and also preserve the best talent. While employee benefits packages will all vary for each industry and business there are a number of key components that the most successful packages have when it comes to group health insurance.
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Hong Kong Maternity Insurance Guide

29 Oct 2019
Maternity insurance covers the medical costs incurred during pregnancy and childbirth, including hospital charges, specialist fees, mother's pre and post-natal care, as well as newborn care. This is an ever changing product and we constantly keep up to date with the state of maternity insurance in Hong Kong so we can provide our clients with the best advice on the topic. If you’re looking to become pregnant in the future and want to give your family the best, start, then you should find this guide invaluable.
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Why Compare Your Medical Insurance At Renewal?

27 May 2019
So you have an existing health insurance plan. Every year you have just renewed the cover, you hand over you credit card details and pretty easily it’s a job done and another task crossed off the list. Why bother looking at other plans when your current plan seems fine? Here we look at 5 reasons why it is essential that you conduct this exercise every renewal and the major benefits it has
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Health Insurance for Expats Over 50 in Thailand. Your Complete Guide!

09 May 2019
Thailand continues to see an increase in expats from around the world calling it home. If you are over 50 and living in Thailand and looking at medical insurance then read on. This article covers the main topics and provides the answers to the questions you need to know when you buy health insurance in Thailand.
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Expat Life Insurance

07 May 2019
Are you living abroad with your family? For expats with dependents, a global life insurance policy should feature in their plans to secure your families future. If you have never thought about this topic before, our guide to international life insurance gives a helpful overview.
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Dental insurance

04 Apr 2019
Here we look at dental insurance and the type of treatment that this will typically cover. We will also look at when you may want to add this to your medical insurance policy and also when you might want to think about leaving off your cover.
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How To Cover Pre-existing Conditions

26 Mar 2019
When taking out a medical insurance plan, you may be interested to know how the insurer your are signing up with will view your pre-existing conditions. Most of us have had some sort of visit to a doctor or hospital at some point in our lives so it is important to understand this in advance to avoid any surprises at a later stage. Pre-existing conditions are any significant injuries or illnesses that you currently have, or have previously had before taking out your health insurance policy.
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Why Do People Have More Than Once Life Insurance Policy?

07 Mar 2019
As you may already know life insurance is an insurance policy that pays your beneficiary a lump sum benefit if you die during the policy period. For some people a single policy can more than meet these needs however there are many situations where people find that having more than one might make more sense. Here we will look more in depth at this and understand when it’s appropriate.
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Health Insurance Hong Kong

05 Mar 2019
When moving to Hong Kong expat health insurance is an essential provision that everyone should research. Healthcare in Hong Kong is widely viewed as being amongst the best in the world but at the same time one of the most expensive making the need for medical insurance an essential requirement.
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i-Brokers is delighted to announce new Cigna partnership

26 Feb 2019
i-Brokers is delighted to announce our new partnership with Cigna to supply medical insurance plans to our clients globally. Cigna trace their roots back more than 200 years and today continue to innovate and expand around the world. As one of the largest medical insurance providers globally they have sales capability in 30 countries and jurisdictions, and more than 86 million customer relationships throughout the world and have more than 37,000 employees serving customers just about everywhere.
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i-Brokers Approved Insurance Broking License

20 Feb 2019
i-Brokers are proud to announce that we have officially been granted our insurance broking license allowing us to conduct insurance broking activity both in Hong Kong and internationally. We have chosen to be regulated by PIBA, the professional insurance brokers association. PIBA are one of the approved bodies of insurance brokers authorized by the Insurance Authority to approve licences and control the business of insurance broking.
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i-Brokers Moves To Hong Kong Head Quarters

20 Feb 2019
2019 marks an exciting new era for i-Brokers as we officially launch and set up our Hong Kong headquarters in Central. By basing ourselves in Central, Hong Kong we are able to show our commitment in growing our business in the territory. Hong Kong gives us the perfect location to help service both our individual and corporate clients who are based there.
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