Month: August 2021

i-brokers license renewed

License Renewed

We are pleased to announce that we have just renewed our insurance broker license with the Insurance authority in Hong Kong.   As a licensed and regulated insurance broker, we always focus on forming many relationships with lots of different insurers to ensure that all of our clients have choice.   Some of these involved partnering with some of the world’s largest insurance companies but equally as important it …

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i-brokers is growing

We Are Growing

We are excited to announce that our Client Relationship team has expanded with the addition of two new managers joining our team in both Hong Kong and Bangkok.   More customers, more people.   We are growing in the number of clients, users and premiums which we manage and having the best talent in place to help us service is very important. In 2021 our customer base has increased significantly in …

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What is expatriate management

How can HR support expat employees?

Giving employees overseas assignments has become typical in many sectors these days. There are plenty of reasons for that, be it strategic or operational ones.   When it comes to expatriate management, one of the most important things HR directors or managers need to consider is how to help expat colleagues succeed in their assignments abroad.  …

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i-Brokers Privacy Policy

Why we updated our privacy policy?

We have managed to update our privacy policy so they are much clearer and simpler to read and understand. Although it seemed like a massive task, we all agreed that it could not and should not be neglected.  What issue are we striving to tackle?  Research indicates that nearly nobody reads long digital contracts where you need to click to agree or tick …

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cybersecurity for insurance

Cybersecurity in the insurance landscape

When it comes to cybersecurity in the insurance industry, there has recently been a dramatic rise in the number of successful cyber attacks.   This striking increase in attacks comes as insurance companies migrate toward digital channels to create sticky customer relationships, offer new products, and expand their share of their customer’s financial portfolios.   It is predicted that attackers have penetrated this sector to exfiltrate …

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how has covid affected expats mental health

How has COVID-19 affected expats’ mental health?

In accordance with William Russell, out of 1,100 expatriates that the insurer surveyed, more than a third of expats feel that their mental health has become worse during the pandemic.   Nearly half of them say they would have preferred to be in their home country during the pandemic.  The results highlight the unique challenges faced by over 66 million people worldwide living as expatriates. Not …

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when should you get a mammogram

When should you get a mammogram?

Whether you’ve received a mammogram in the past or your first time is around the corner, it can be stressful leading up to the screening.  Typically, mammograms are painless, and they can potentially assist you in detecting breast cancer in its early stages.  In this blog post, we are going to share with you when you should have your first mammogram and how often you should have follow-ups …

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what is activity based working

What is Activity-Based Working (ABW)?

Being flexible, autonomous and able to select the working hours and workplace are some of the most important values that corporate staff are looking for these days.   In this blog post, we are going to share with you what exactly is activity-based working and how it can help both employers and employees.  Definition of Activity-Based Working (ABW)  In accordance …

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what does life insurance in force mean

What does life insurance in force mean?

Having a thorough comprehension of your life insurance plan and all of the life insurance terms that revolve around it is very important. Otherwise, you could reach a point where you have gaps in your life insurance coverage. This means that some benefits you believe are insured will not be.  This article provides you with a guide on what …

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